Kings of Corruption, Dominican Senator Felix Bautista "Dirty" as expected, UPDATE 2
Banana Republic Update - News from Nuria confirms that Felix Bautista of the PLD is just another corrupt scumbag and close friend of the useless Dominican president Leonel Fernandez. He has been so full of shit in the recent hearing denying any wrong doing and asked the corrupt legal system to investigate him. Dominican Watchdog requested an independent outside investigation into Felix Bautista because we as Nuria were pretty sure Bautista was "Dirty" -  Nobody in PLD of the Dominican Republic get NO-BID contracts worth more than US$ 350 Million without deep corruption and payoffs!!



Update: The truth hurts, but Felix was a nobody before Leonel became president, in a few years he has become a multi million dollar businessman, where did all that money come from!!!


Update from Nuria  after the government of Haiti denies all the facts in her program>

El comunicado del Gobierno de Haiti sobre la denuncia hecha en el programa es absolutamente ridículo pero sobre todo fantasioso!!! Nuria further stated that she is shocked how just one man from the DR got most of the USD 500 Million reconstruction funds for Haiti.......!!

UPDATE 2: April 9, 2012 - Nuria protests visits of state intelligence

TV investigative journalist Nuria Piera has complained after people suspected of working for the state intelligence services raided residences and businesses in search of evidence as to who had leaked her the material that was aired on 31 March to present evidence of irregularities and corruption in transactions related to senator Felix Bautista, organizational secretary of the ruling PLD party.

The controversial senator has denied all accusations. Piera, as reported in Listin Diario, said that if what she presented is not valid, there is no reason for the searches.

On Saturday, 31 March, Nuria Piera presented an investigative report, "The Route of the Millions" with trails of transactions by the senator, who was a struggling tailor prior to becoming a trusted officer in the Fernandez administration. Prior to his election as senator, he was the director of the Supervisory Office of Public Works of the Presidency.

The evidence presented on TV link him to millions in property and to making contributions to Haitian President Michel Martelly. Bautista has also been criticized for receiving millions of dollars worth of contract work in Haiti.


INVESTIGATION UPDATE - The contractors of the State Works Supervising Engineers Office (OISOE) received RD$8.46 billion in payments and advances in 2008 without the required affidavits, says an Accounts Chamber audit of 2009 cited by newspaper Hoy.

The figure is 72% of the OISOE’s total payouts of RD$11.8 billion in 2008, to build 444 public works.

The Accounts Chamber audit states that regarding payments without affidavits, the amount owed is RD$1.03 billion.

The audit also found that 15 contractors were paid without retaining the corresponding 5% tax, for which the State failed to collect RD$2.9 million in revenue.

The figures are the latest in a series of alleged irregularities by then OISOE director Felix Bautista, a close collaborator of president Leonel Fernandez and current senator of San Juan de la Maguana province.

The contractors

The companies Transvialsa-Auding leads with 15 contracts (Onéximo González); Tecnoamérica, 14 contracts (Pedro Delgado Malagón); Diprecalt, 6 contracts; EPSA-LABSC, 5 contracts, and Arquiconstrusa, one contract (Francisco Pimentel.


Original artivle from Piera: At Least $2.5 Million in Kickbacks to President Martelly from Dominican Republic.

( – Dominican Investigative Journalist Nuria Piera has uncovered at least $2.5 million [U.S.] in kickbacks received by President Michel Martelly, from a Dominican construction firm owned by Dominican Senator Felix Bautista.

The report called “The Path of the Millions” aired on Dominican television on Saturday, March 31st in a research program called Nuria-Journalism, Channel 9, Color Vision at 9 PM and will re-air on Monday, April 2nd on CDN Channel 37 at 8PM.

In “The Path of Millions”, the journalists, Piera, investigates dozens of pages of bank statements, pay ratios, charts, transactions, schedules and a list of property and businesses owned by Dominican Senator Felix Bautista (PLD-San Juan) a close friend of Dominican President Leonel Fernandez.

Of the companies owned by Bautista, one company, HADOM Construction, is particular to Haiti in that it was awarded a $2.5 million [US] contract to do reconstruction work in Haiti.

The first of suspicious information given by Nuria Piera is that according to records of the Dominican Directorate General of Internal Taxes (DGII) this company began operating on April 4th 2011. This would have made the company ineligible to receive any contracts from the Haitian state following the earthquake of 2010, in that the law – including the emergency law – requires a company to have been in existence for 5 years.

But, HADOM would receive, by contracts signed by former Prime Minister and current Presidential Adviser, Jean-Max Bellerive, 75,466,638.08 HTG ($1.8 Million U.S.) on November 8, 2010 and another 5,000,000 HTG ($120,000 U.S.) on May 11, 2011.

In total, the Piera report found that President Michel Martelly was transferred $2,587,100.00 [U.S.] from companies owned by Senator Batista. On February 18, 2011 presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat received a $250,000.00 contribution from the bank accounts tied to Batista.

"HADOM is one of the companies that got Senator Baptist contracts by $ 350 million in Haiti. Now we realize why. And is that through the People's Bank account No. 766-215511, was paid $ 150,000, on November 5, 2011, nothing more and nothing less Martelly Michel, president of Haiti, who was already in office as president," explained Nuria Piera, a credited investigative journalist in D.R..

"On March 17, 2011, withdrew $ 500,000 over the counter that were given to Martelly, records show. This operation was performed through the dollar savings account 240-005129-7 the Banreservas. While the April 3, received two items: a transfer - by Richard James, of $ 300,000 and cash given to Martelly, another $ 300,000. But even that serious, and as president, the November 3, 2011 Michel Martelley receive $ 100,000 more, " she stressed.

Reported by Acento, another company of Felix Bautista, Construction Rofi issued a total of $ 837,000 to Michel Martelly through Account No. 0102-1012-000942393 in Unibank in Haiti.

Martelly was given $800,000 in cash, $400,000, $300,000 and $100,000, and paid, through Victor Reynoso, $37,000 dollars.

The documents held by Nuria Piera is recorded that President Michel Martelly has received at least 2 million 587 thousand 100 U.S. dollars . At a rate of 38, we are talking about nearly 100 million Dominican pesos.

He also gave money to the candidate Mirlande Manigat.

Nuria Piera stated that, in case, like Felix Bautista shelter, and also gave contributions to the Haitian presidential candidate Mirlande Manigat, the opposition party to Michel Martelly, which OJEC received by the sum of $ 250,000 the February 18, 2011 through BANRESERVA account 240-005129-7. This payment was withdrawn over the counter and handed over cash.

In total, the Dominican Senator had companies that collected about $385 million [U.S.] in contracts. For example, another company called SECOSA collected $2,389,832,942 HTG ($57,586,000 [U.S.]) in contracts in 2011 and 837,700,016 HTG ($20,185,542 [U.S.]) in 2010. SECOSA, like HADOM, failed to meet eligibility requirements for the contracts. A third company owned by Batista, ROFI, which gained 174,302,496.9 HTG ($4.2 million U.S.) in 2011 was successful in meeting the minimum requirements of eligibility for the contracts.

The money trail has not been completely investigated. Outgoing Prime Minister Garry Conille had established a commission that began auditing the contracts awarded during the emergency period and on its face, found $500 million [U.S.] that was awarded to companies that did not fit the criteria – HADOM and SECOSA were among them.

No reponse has come from the Haitian government regarding these revelations but in the past President Martelly has been outspoken against corruption, telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he “hopes to find a case of corruption,” to serve as an example of his fight against misdeeds.

The money paid for these contracts came from Haiti’s PetroCaribe account which amounts to a low-interest loan from Venezuela that will have to be repaid after 18 years.

In the past week, Venezuela stepped in to forgive $100 million in DR debt so far that it uses it for reconstruction projects in Haiti. Venezuela also managed to give Haiti $369 million back of money it had paid and has allocated for reconstruction projects.

These efforts by Venezuela to right a perceived wrong doesn't hide the suspicion that the $500 million is being used to bribe members of parliament, finance elections and pay for demagogic displays by the central government. The report by Piera seems to confirm those suspicions. Watch video:



Below the original article were Dominican Watchdog requires an outside independent investigation into Felix Bautista!!

Pressure mounts on PLD senator with US$385.0M deals in Haiti

Pressure mounts on ruling party PLD senator Felix Bautista, when on Tuesday his party and congressional colleague urged him to clearly explain his NO-BID contracts reported worth US$385.0 million with the Haitian Government for the construction of major works, and the Justice Minister warned that he would proceed if provided with evidence......



UPDATE: The truth hurts, but Felix was a nobody before Leonel became president

Felix Bautista scandal gathers heat

Last week leading PLD members rallied to defend their party's organizational secretary, senator Felix Bautista against accusations of corruption involving work by his construction companies in Haiti. Bautista was a struggling tailor in his hometown San Juan de la Maguana before the election of President Leonel Fernandez. His close ties to the President have led him on a meteoric rise to become one of the country's leading builders. He directed the Supervisory Office of Public Works of the Presidency (OISOE) for several years, a post he left when he won the senator seat for San Juan de la Maguana, which grants him privileged judicial status.

"Haitian journalist says that Dominican Republic projects itself as the "new master" of Haiti"

"Leonel Fernandez, a politician, a statesman and President on several occasions, has purchased over the years the best Haitian libraries." "French-speaking, impregnated with the Haitian soul, and looks at Haiti with eagerness, as juicy prize."

Read the rest at:

"Periodista haitiano: República Dominicana se proyecta como “nuevo amo” de Haití"

“Leonel Fernández, un político, un hombre de Estado y presidente en varias ocasiones, ha comprado después de años las mejores bibliotecas haitianas. Habla francés, se impregnó del alma haitiana, y mira a Haití con avidez, como a una presa jugosa.”........


 Beleaguered senator admits retention in Miami airport - San Juan de la Maguana province senator Felix Bautista on Wednesday denied he was arrested for several hours at Miami International Airport as some local media report, noting that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents retained him for only 15 minutes.

Quoted by telephone by FM Z101 radio, the former head of the State Works Supervisory  Office of (OISOE) and close collaborator of ex president Leonel Fernandez said he doesn’t fear going to court to confront  allegations of embezzlement in that agency.

Bautista reiterated that he’s willing to be questioned by the Justice Ministry for any investigation, as he did so in March.

FILE.- Describing it as “a shroud of mystery” spread over the arrival and subsequent "detention" of the beleaguered ruling PLD party senator Felix Bautista, local outlets report the alleged incident on Tuesday at Miami International Airport.

Citing “reliable sources,” outlet said United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers had "detained the powerful senator,” who’s also PLD Organization Secretary, “for reasons still unknown.”

It said Bautista's arrest came after a routine check of passengers by an ICE officer. “His detention lasted for over three hours.”

"Bautista’s flight 1964 arrived early Tuesday and deplaned via gate D6, where a Foreign Ministry official waited for him for VIP services," said.

"During the check into Florida, the Dominican lawmaker was subjected to a thorough inspection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers," the outlet said, always quoting a source.


Dominican Watchdog Note | Lets see what the Justice Minister will do. Based on my experience with both Leonel and the Dominican legal system nothing will happen. Felix Bautista will probably get the highest order medal by Leonel!! PLD invested in infrastructure projects were they could "tap" money from the contracts instead of schools and education as promised. Last year less than 1.8% was spend on education despite Mr President Leonel himself signed the law that at least 4% of the GDP should be spend on education. I guess one can say that it paid off for Leonel & Co to keep the Dominican people ignorant!!!!

The are only two questions left: How did Felix Bautista (a shirt tailor from DR a few years back!!!) manage to get most of the entire reconstruction budget of USD 500 Million for Haiti? And who did he share all that money with??? Funny how the secret service now is after Nuria.... just shows she got to close to the truth of the PLD!!


Read more about the useless President here, Dominican Watchdog has created a free homepage for him for the world to remember!! and one for his wife too as memorial wall for all the tourists killed in the Dominican Republic!!

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