Young Canadian killed by 5 in Punta Cana night club, Update 5 - Jordan's family in legal limbo and almost bankrupt in legal fees!

Final NEWS, this case ended as a BAD joke!

Dominican court ruling devastates Canadian family
One more family Fuc#ed over by the Dominican Justice system, their son's killer got only 3 years in jail !!! They took18 trips to and from the island nation, Dominican police would put out a renewed request for witnesses, it never happened. “We paid $16,000 since last year for this new lawyer and what did we get out of it? Nothing”.....


Canadian family bankrupt after son got killed in Dominican Republic
Remember this case? Now set for a re-trail because 3 judges were litterely sleeping during the process!!! Jordan Morris only 19 years old, killed by muslims in Punta Cana for protecting a woman. His parents lost all their life savings after 14 visits to the court in the Dominican Republic - Talking about a useless court system.....


February 06, 2012

Jordan's family in legal limbo

On the anniversary of the death of Jordan Morrison in Punta Cana, his parents, Carrie McGinnis and her husband Dale flew back here to attend the trial of the men accused with his murder.

Five men were originally charged, but only two Montreal men, Dmytro Aref Yev and Bouzid Redha, both 21, have been charged with the killing. McGinnis says she knows Bouzid Redha is out on bail, but that Dmytro Aref Yev is still in jail. However, at one point last year, officials at Foreign Affairs Canada had said there were four Canadian citizens who were forbidden to leave the Dominican Republic pending further investigation into Morrison's death

McGinnis knows the two men charged didn't plead guilty, but couldn't provide further details because of the difficulty understanding the court proceedings in Spanish. She said that the Canadian Consulate staff sit in the courthouse and take notes, but don't share them with the Barrie family saying that they were impartial and not allowed to assist the family with translation.

"We have never, ever really been told anything," McGinnis said of the court proceedings. "Something happens (in court) and we think, 'OK, what just went on here?' But we don't get an explanation."

There was confusion at the trial proceedings in December and Yev was not brought to the courthouse for what the Morrisons believed would be the reading of the verdict. At that point, however, the trial was postponed until Feb. 8.

Although privacy legislation in Canada prohibits the embassy from releasing detailed information, getting an explanation for past, current and future court dealings is proving to be overwhelming for Jordan's family.

"Foreign Affairs called me a week after we got back last time and said don't count on a verdict because it's still in the trial process," McGinnis said. "I don't understand how they're going backwards.

"We went for the verdict in December and now they say it's still in the trial (stage)."

This is the Barrie family's fourth trip to the Dominican Republic since Jordan's death last year.



CBC News: Slain Ont. teen argued with alleged attackers

A vacationing Ontario teen allegedly killed during a fight with five other Canadians in the Dominican Republic had argued with the group earlier in the day, CBC News has learned.

Jordan Morrison, 19, of Barrie, Ont., died after the altercation Friday morning with the five Canadians, who are reportedly from Montreal. Morrison apparently didn't know them prior to arriving at the resort, freelance reporter Carlos Benoit said from Santiago.

Dominican authorities have five suspects in custody, but no charges have been laid.

The fight happened at a private disco at the Grand Paradise Bavaro resort near Punta Cana. Morrison was badly beaten and rushed to a local clinic but couldn't be revived.

Police said Friday a woman who witnessed the entire incident has been providing police with evidence.

Vacationing with parents

Morrison had been vacationing with his mother and father at the resort, which is billed as the ideal vacation spot for families.

Morrison's family was still in the Dominican Republic Saturday and no one answered the door at their Barrie home, about 90 kilometres north of Toronto.

Friends told CBC News that Morrison had Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism, and that he was often bullied as a child.

His death has prompted an outpouring of grief online, including a tribute page on Facebook with the headline "gone but never forgotten."

Neighbours who knew Morrison said they were still in shock. Nazih Ali said Morrison was a "good guy" who was very athletic and liked skateboarding.


The Star: Barrie teen killed in Dominican Republic was coming to aid of a friend

A young Barrie man was killed after coming to the aid of a friend at a bar in the Dominican Republic, witnesses said.

Jordan Morrison, 19, had been vacationing with family when he came to the defence of a Guelph woman who was being harassed by a man in the bar, according to Citytv.

He had been staying at the Grand Paradise Bavaro resort in Punta Cana.

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lisa Monette said four Canadians were detained by Dominican police in connection to the death. She said her department is working with authorities in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana on the investigation.

Neighbours of the Morrison family reached in Barrie on Saturday expressed shock at the young man’s death.

Nazih Ali lives a few doors down from the Morrisons.

“It didn’t click in my mind right away,” said Ali, who knows Morrison through his 15-year-old daughter. When they were younger they’d skateboard on Laidlaw Dr. where both families live.

“He taught her how to skateboard actually,” Ali said, adding he was a skilled teacher. “He’s a master at it, a pro.”

As he got older, Morrison got more passionate about skateboarding, said Ali, who often saw him going back and forth on the street.

Ali said no one has been home at the Morrison residence since news of Jordan’s death spread.

A next door neighbour said the Morrisons are great people and he’s shaken by their loss.

“Jordan’s a very nice young man. It’s unfortunate it happened that way,” said the neighbour, who didn’t give his name.

Morrison had Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism, according to Citytv.

A witness told the station that Morrison and another man had a brief confrontation before being attacked by a group of men in Punta Cana.

“Four guys came up to this lady . . . and this guy, he's from Montreal, Quebec, he spit in the girl's face and then (the victim) reacted,” the witness said.

“The guy threw the first punch . . . kicked him in the face and pretty much beat him to death with three other guys.”


Update 2 - Names of those involved released, two of them held for murder.

The Police report says Algerian Bouzid Redha, 21, and the Canadians Sid Amhed Zakaria Kara, 21, Dmytro Aref Yev, 21, Boutoita Abderrain, 19, and Badr Elmanoizy, 21, were injured in the incident, and are all being treated.


Update 3 - The two who will be charged with murder are, Dmytro Yev and Bouzid Redha

"It's important to know two of the men will be charged with homicide... and they will remain in jail until the trial will continue in three months," Lopez told CTV's Canada AM from the Dominican Republic. The other three was released from jail.

The two men being held are Canadian Dmytro Aref Yev and Algerian Bouzid Redha. Both men live in Montreal and are 21.


Update 4 Suspect in Dominican death wanted in Montreal


Dominican Watchdog Note:

This is not the standard Canadian names. This is Muslim names and since a woman was involved one can assume that this was the typical islamic disrespect of women that made the young Canadian boy come to her aid and died defending her!

The cheap all inclusive deals are attracting some of the worst low class tourists to the Dominican Republic, and floating them with free alcohol is a very dangerous combination. Is Muslims allowed to drink alcohol? Anyway lets hope the killers will spend the next 30 years in the horrible Dominican prison system. They deserve every minute of it.

Update, Unfortunately it didn't end like that, he got away with only 3 years. Should have been hanged on the spot!


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