Watch Out - What you buy is not what you get in the Dom Rep!

Nobody mentioned the building site! Travel website exposes holiday companies who 'Photoshop' glossy brochure images


Fake or manipulated photos used to make Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic more attractive - UK newspaper is publishing the real photos from Barcelo Capella Beach Resort and Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana.

It's an all too familiar scenario. After months of planning a holiday, you finally arrive at your destination only to find the palm-fringed beach and gourmet buffet you've been dreaming about are nowhere to be seen.

A new website claims to show holidaymakers the reality at hotels and resorts, promising to expose holiday companies who 'airbrush' hotels and resorts in a bid to make them seem more attractive.

An undercover team from are charged with catching out holiday resorts that use doctored photographs or image trickery to promote their getaways.

Deserted beach scenes depicted in glossy photos of the Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic are seemingly a far cry from what holidaymakers actually experience upon arrival.

'We came up with the Photo Fakeout series as a way to visually demonstrate what we do: show travellers the truth about a hotel. If you go and buy a car, you can test drive it, but you can't return a vacation.Travellers deserve to know what they can really expect when they arrive.

So far, the team has found some eye-opening examples. Click on link to see them:



Related article about the real situation for visitors to the Dom Rep:

Time’s up to change offer for tourists, French expert warns - French Development Agency (AFD) Assistant director Jaques Moireville said the tourists he’s talked with enjoy their visit to Dominican Republic, but cautioned that the time has come for the country to diversify its offer to conserve that industry.

He said the French who’ve visited tourist zones such as Punta Cana say they enjoyed the sun, beaches and rest, but in his view that “cannot last” because tourists are increasingly more demanding and can reach a saturation point, for which the country must implement a strategy to develop other offers.

Moireville said trash collection, potable water, electricity and transport must improve urgently, because they are attractive elements for tourists, which contribute to the country’s environment and visual part and with the population’s own well-being. “Tourists are attracted to countries where there’s confidence in its public services.”

The French official added that the access to the Colonial City must improve, which must be discussed with the tourist sector players to see what their needs are and in that manner establish an offer that corresponds with what the foreign visitors demand. “It’s advisable to invest in the harbor aspect or implement a different circulation plan within the Colonial City.”



US, Dominicans sign deal on Medicare fraud assets, victims get nothing



What this article don't mention is that many foreign investors lost their off plan apartment in cases where the units were confiscated. I have yet not heard of one single case where the Dominican government compensated the small foreign investor who lost their holiday home due to money laundering organizations and corrupt government official

s...... Leonel gave USD 36 Million in loan to one of the biggest money laundering operations in the DR!!




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Monday is Columbus Day, so much of what we say about Columbus is either wholly untrue or greatly exaggerated.......

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