WARNING - Dominican Republic Declared Too Dangerous For Medical Tourism
The Medical Travel Quality Alliance recently issued a report urging travelers to avoid medical tourism in the Dominican Republic, as well as issuing warnings for four other countries, including Mexico, India, Thailand and South Korea. The first report of its kind for the medical tourism industry, it makes note of an alarming amount of medical tourism cases that ended in either death or life-threatening infections.



January is peak time in the medical tourism industry for booking medical travel for the upcoming year, and MTQUA asks travelers to be cautious when doing so. “We are naming the Dominican Republic because this situation has been going on for years. It is widespread and not confined to one or two clinics. Neither the government nor the medical establishment has shown a clear commitment to fix this. Instead, the country continues to promote itself as a preferred medical tourism destination which is absolutely not the case,” says Julie Munro, president, MTQUA. Currently, authorities in the Dominican Republic have shut down only one medical clinic linked to life-altering surgical infections in medical travelers.

In Mexico, India and South Korea, it’s warned that conditions in these popular destinations come with unreasonable risks that may result in anything from poor results from health procedures performed to lifelong debilitating illnesses or death. In Mexico particularly, deaths from weight loss and plastic surgeries are being widely reported in the border towns of Tijuana and Mexicali.

MTQUA has called for authorities in all of these countries to address specific instances of infection, illness and death resulting from medical tourism. In the meantime, the organization cautions medical travelers to avoid commission-paid medical tourism agents, and to always choose procedures performed in a hospital rather than a clinic, where health and safety standards are generally higher.


Plastic Surgery Tourism: Buyer Be Aware in Dom Rep
A series of 8 U.S. residents who, in a 2 year period, were infected with Mycobacterium abscessus after having undergone body contouring (liposuction) procedures in a clinic in the Dominican Republic. By comparison, there were no reported incidences of Mycobacterium abscessus infection among 230,000 operative procedures over a 5 year period at New York hospitals......


Dominican Republic’s “Teflon” plastic surgeon: 3 deaths, 3 acquittals
Edgar Contreras was acquitted of death of the ex Consul Maria de los Angeles Morel, who died shortly after a liposuction. The Prosecution had requested two years in prison, a RD$100,000 fine and the cancellation of the surgeon’s medical license for the involuntary homicides resulting from malpractice........


Medra Fetal Stem Cell in Dominican Republic is a Medical Scam
The BBC went undercover and filmed Dr William C Rader in his Dominican location. There are 4 parts on YouTube. A must watch for anyone considering wiring $30,000 to a offshore bank in the Bahamas........


Plastic surgeon jailed and his clinic shuttered in Dominican Republic
Johan Tapia Bueno, accused of medical malpractice, was incarcerated yesterday in the jail of the Ciudad Nueva Courthouse. Click on read more to watch the video about what happened to his patients.......
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