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Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...

Sugar from Dominican Republic should taste better in every Haitian mouth in Haiti, even Haitians abroads should have a bitter taste in their mouth when consume Sugar in the USA.

I have to admit, the video is time consuming to watch, but its good to take a look.
Just get some popcorn seat down to wacth, hold your emotions.

As for me, only one thing is on my mind; Don't consume sugar anymore.

Domino Sugar is one of them.
Buy imported sugar from South America or use honey





Stop Sugar Purchases from the Dominican Republic, Sugar Barons are making billions from child labor and slavery conditions!


 Vicini Group lost legal attack on Dominican Watchdog, Felipe Vicini lies about the Price of Sugar


Fanjuls cash in while U.S. taxpayers foot $1.8 billion bill for destruction of the Everglades

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