Venezuelan man shot dead at BQ hotel in Santo Domingo
Authorities in the Dominican Republic say a Venezuelan man has been gunned down at an open-air restaurant in the capital.


Police Chief Jose Armando Polanco says two men on a motorcycle pulled up at the street-side eatery Thursday night.

One dismounted and opened fire at close range, striking 45-year-old Rafael Mauricio Verdeja twice in the back. A waiter was wounded.

Polanco said three men were being questioned, including a Venezuelan who apparently made a hotel reservation for the victim. He did not say whether they were suspects.

Polanco said Friday the victim was dining with a woman who left the table moments before the attack. Her whereabouts were unknown.

Police did not speculate on a motive.

Source: Associated Press


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Google translation of local newspaper article in HOY:

Verdeja Mauricio Rafael Vargas, 45, was killed by two shots last night while at a bar BQ Hotel Santo Domingo(former Delta), Sarasota Avenue.

Two strangers killed last night several shots at a Venezuelan citizen who was dining at the House Mencia, BQ Hotel Santo Domingo, and wounded a waiter.

The dead was identified as Mauricio Verdeja Rafael Vargas, 45 years old, with Venezuelan identity card number 6-331-241, who was back to the street.

The wounded man was identified as Isaiah Silva, who was taken to a health center, but officials refused to specify the name of the clinic.

The version set in place, along with Verdeja Vargas was a woman who left the scene moments before the murder.

The incident occurred about 9:00 pm.

According to the first report of the police, two men arrived in a motorcycle 115, a dismounted, crossed the little garden that separates the site, Meson Restaurante Casa Tapas Mencia, and shot him at close range, fled.

The body was raised by members of the Forensic Science and Forensic Pathology, under the supervision of the deputy prosecutor Magalis Sánchez Guzmán, who confirmed the nationality of the dead and their ages.

The owners and workers in both the restaurant and the hotel would not talk to the press.

In the small garden, located in the front of the restaurant on the Avenue Sarasota, could be observed the traces left by the subject and the branches of the bushes that broke his step.

The event caused a major blockage of Sarasota Avenue, from Winston Churchill, in an east-west.


Original article in Spanish:


Rafael Mauricio Verdeja Vargas, de 45 años, fue muerto anoche de dos balazos mientras estaba en un bar del hotel BQ Santo Domingo, en la avenida Sarasota.

Dos desconocidos mataron anoche de varios disparos  a un ciudadano Venezolano que se encontraba cenando en la Casa Mencia, del hotel BQ Santo Domingo, e hirieron a un camarero.

 El muerto fue identificado como Rafael Mauricio Verdeja Vargas, de 45 años, portador de la cédula venezolana número 6-331-241, quien se encontraba de espaldas a la calle.

El herido fue identificado como Isaías Silva, quien fue trasladado a un centro de salud, pero las autoridades  rehusaron especificar el nombre de la clínica.

 Según versiones recogidas en el lugar, junto a Verdeja Vargas se encontraba una mujer que  abandonó el lugar momentos antes del asesinato.

El hecho ocurrió cerca de las 9:00 de la noche.

 De acuerdo al primer informe de la Policía, los dos hombres llegaron en una  un motocicleta 115, uno se desmontó, cruzó el pequeño jardín que separa el lugar, Tapas Mesón Restaurante Casa Mencía, y le disparó a quemarropa, emprendiendo la huida.

El cuerpo fue levantado por miembros de la Policía Científica y Patología Forense, bajo la supervisión de la fiscal adjunta Magalis Sánchez Guzmán, quien confirmó la nacionalidad del muerto y su edad.

Los dueños y trabajadores, tanto del restaurante como del hotel, no quisieron hablar con la prensa.

En el pequeño jardín, ubicado en la parte frontal del restaurante, en la avenida Sarasota, se pudieron observar las huellas dejadas por el sujeto y las ramas de las matas que rompió a su paso.

El hecho provocó un gran taponamiento de la avenida Sarasota, desde la Winston Churchill, en dirección este- oeste.





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