US man killed in his home in Sosua, Dominican Republic
( - A 67-year-old American man has been shot to death during an invasion of his home in the Dominican Republic (DW note: Villa 36 at the Panorama Village in Sosua).


Police say Raffaelle Foria was killed in the popular tourist town of Sosua after four men broke into a house he shared with 70-year-old Stanley Leonard, who also was shot but is expected to recover.

Police spokesman Jesus Cordero said Tuesday that a Dominican security guard also was shot when he tried to confront the suspects. 


Several Haitians arrested in Sosua Update - Following the murder of Italian-American Raffaelle Foria during an attempted robbery in Panorama Village in Sosua, the police have interviewed Leonard Ruiz, who received various gun shot wounds at the same time, and is in a stable but serious condition. He stated that although it was nighttime, the attackers in his opinion were Haitian, not only due to the color of their skin but also as they were speaking Creole.

Puerto Plata police spokesman Colonel Jesus Cordero Paredes says that several Haitians have been detained and that investigations are under way to try and find the assailants.

A security officer, Daniel Alvarado Fernandez, who was also injured, is still in a serious condition in hospital.   


Original article from local media:




( - A pesar de que se dijo que delincuentes habrían dado muerte a un extranjero en un centro residencial de Sosúa, aún las autoridades policiales de la zona no han podido aportar informaciones concretas sobre el caso en que perdió la vida el norte americano Rafelo Folía, en el complejo Villas Panorámicas.

Informaciones recogidas en el lugar del hecho no aportan pistas sobre el incidente, y allí solo se dice que a eso de las once de la noche se presentaron cuatro sujetos enmascarados y habiendo penetrado en la villa 36, con aparentes fines de robar se enfrentaron a tiros con sus ocupantes, resultando muerto el citado extranjero y otro quedó gravemente herido.

Informaciones recibidas en la redacción de noticias ENN dan cuenta que oficiales de la Policía Nacional han encontrado obstáculos para indagar sobre el caso, ya que no le han permitido penetrar al mencionado proyecto residencial.



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