US Marshals arrest Dominican murder suspect in Boston — For more than three years, Fernando Antonio Burgos-Rojas managed to elude police back in the Dominican Republic where he was accused of killing his girlfriend.

But a team of U.S. Marshals and Essex County Sheriff's deputies captured Burgos-Rojas, 41, yesterday in front of a two-family home in the city's Tower Hill section where law enforcement officials said he had been hiding out for at least a year.

"He was arrested without incident at 2 p.m. outside his home at 1075 Essex St.," Paul Fleming, a spokesman for Essex County Sheriff Frank G. Cousins Jr. said last night.

"As soon as he was apprehended, the U.S. Marshals brought Mr. Burgos-Rojas to federal court in Boston. He was arrested by a six-man team that includes two members of the Essex County Sheriff's Department," Fleming said.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Neil Sullivan announced the arrest late yesterday.

"Burgos-Rojas is alleged to have shot his girlfriend to death in December of 2008 in the municipality of Licey al Medio in Santiago Province, Dominican Republic," Sullivan said in a brief press release.

"Burgos-Rojas fled to the United States after the incident and had been residing in Lawrence for at least the past year. The Dominican authorities obtained a provisional arrest warrant in the United States and are formally requesting his extradition back to their country," he wrote.

Burgos-Rojas appeared before a Magistrate Judge in Federal Court in Boston and was later taken to an undisclosed detention facility where he will be held pending further extradition proceedings.

Sullivan did not release any details on the alleged murder or how U.S. Marshals were able to track down Burgos-Rojas in Lawrence. He was unavailable for further comment on the case.

"We have a partnership with U.S. Marshals Service. We were asked to participate in this arrest and were happy to do so," Fleming said.

Lawrence Police Chief John Romero said his department was not involved in the capture and that Burgos-Rojas was not known to police, at least by his Dominican name.

Amazing story about Dominican murders from news Yesterday!

Irony: Lawyer kills a client

The National Police are investigating the circumstances in which one of three alleged thieves was killed by a lawyer who had previously defended the victim. According to El Caribe and other newspapers, the lawyer was returning to his home in Invimosa early yesterday morning when he was stopped by three young men. Since he recognized them as his former clients on several occasions, he stopped, only to be told that it was a hold up. While resisting the robbery a gun went off and Ezequiel D'Oleo Polanco and/or Miguel Angel Polanco (a.k.a. "Marchante") fell, mortally wounded. He was taken to the Dario Contreras Hospital where he died. The Police are actively pursuing Jancel Josue de la Cruz and a man known only as Bairon, who also took part in the robbery. When the lawyer's Nissan Pathfinder stopped near the three men, they broke the front windshield and told him that it was a hold up. The victim had been arraigned on charges of attempted murder of Zhen Hui We, a Chinese national, during a robbery in the Hainamosa sector last June.

Dominican Watchdog Note: Dumb is not the word for these people, how could anybody be so stupid as to do a "hold-up" of their own lawyer, and then get shot. Crimes in the DR is out of control after 8 years with Leonel as president.

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