US$3.7M in CASH seized in DR’s most famous resort, Casa de Campo - National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) president Rolando Rosado said the money was seized from Fausto Severino Marte, a former member of the Dominican Navy, and current head of the National Investigations Dept. (DNI) in the city of La Romana.

He identified the house as “Villa Terraza Cuatro” and the detainees as Henry Manuel Ruiz, Junior Silvestre Silvestre Belliard, Damián Enríquez Rijo Brito, Alan Luis Quezada Santiago and Juan Hubieres Mercedes.

File.- The DNCD on Monday announced the confiscation of US$3.7 million in the resort Casa de Campo, La Romana (east).

"Money launderers just got a tremendous head-smacking when the DNCD seized a whopping US$3,676,332 at La Romana (Casa de Campo)," said DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebron via Twitter Monday morning.

The money, the official said, was found in two villas during a joint operation with U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents this weekend, with two villas, two cars and several boats also seized.

Lebron said the money was found inside two refrigerators and three beach bags. "The money arrived by boat from Puerto Rico, the same boat went back with drugs," adding that eight people were arrested in connection with the case.


Dominican leader surprisingly fires Police, Antinarcotics chiefs - President Danilo Medina on Monday night surprised public opinion by firing the heads of the National Police chief Jose Polanco, and of the Drugs Control Agency (DNCD), Rolando Rosado.

Decree 181-13 also appoints General of the National, Manuel Castro Castillo as the new Police chief, replacing Polanco Gomez, who in turn was designated Adviser to the Executive Branch, replacing Rafael Guillermo Guzman.

The same decree also designates Air Force colonel Julio Cesar Souffront, promoted to the rank of brigadier general, as head of the DNCD.

Rosado isn’t assigned new functions in the decree, the first ever to fire the two key positions.


Dominican Watchdog Note | They were probably forced by DEA to make the arrests. History shows that the last 20 years of Dominican presidents were connected in one way or another to drugs and money laundering people. And what better place to hide the operations than in the Fanjuls luxury resort. Nobody will investigate that unless DEA forces them to do so, which the story below also confirms.....!!!


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Huge drug ring shipping tons of cocaine from Casa de Campo - Bought from Cali Cartel


National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) yesterday busted an international drug trafficking ring based in the country’s icon resort Casa de Campo. It arrested 29 people and seized two villas, two apartments, a yacht, a freighter used to transport fuel and molasses to Caribbean islands, and an airplane. DEA “Operation earthquake” had the ring under surveillance for a year......


Bust of Dominican Rep., Puerto Rico, Venezuela ring, nets 310Ks of cocaine


DNCD and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents from Puerto Rico took part in the operation "Huracán". The ringleader Ricardo Torres is on the loose, but associates was arrested in his villa in Casa de Campo.......



Story of the Year - US$ 95 Million Lawsuit Against Casa de Campo, Fanjul and Central Romana


2 coronels and 18 military officers on behalf of the attorney general of the Dominican Republic assisted the original land owners in a visit to Casa de Campo a few weeks back. These are the facts about why Four Season Hotel was never build in Casa de Campo as proclaimed by Central Romana to be finished by end of 2009.  Central Romana (the company behind CdC) is not the owner of the land they offered to Four Seasons, when Four Seasons found out they left the DR very upset and will probably never return. It also turns out that Central Romana is also not the owner of parts of the land where they did the marina extension a few years back.....

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