UK law firm launch new website after more sickness claims from the Dom Rep
Farnworth Rose Solicitors, of Nelson, Lancashire, have reported a number of holiday illness compensation claims from holidaymakers returning from the Dominican Republic. The company has now launched a website specifically aimed at hotel guests who have suffered gastric illness in the Dominican Republic.


UK holidaymakers book over 40 million holidays abroad each year and large numbers of people suffer some type of food related illness on holiday, resulting in claims against tour operators who promote hotels in the Dominican Republic and worldwide.

Salmonella food poisoning, Shigella, Campylobacter, and Cryptosporidium commonly causes sickness amongst hotel guests, along with cases of E.coli. Anyone can contract food poisoning but small children, older people and people with weakened immune systems are most likely to suffer serious illness as a result of eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated liquids.

Farnworth Rose Solicitors reports having received an increase in claims for Cryptosporidium over the past two years. The illness can be contracted from ingesting swimming pool water contaminated with faecal matter and which commonly occurs when filtration systems are not functioning correctly.

Some strains of Cryptosporidium are resistant to chlorine and many cases of illness reported worldwide have occurred at hotels with larger than average swimming pools and water parks. Holidaymakers should never swim in the hotel pool if the water smells strongly of chlorine, if the water is murky or if the tiles are slimy to the touch.

Anne Thomson, who has over 30 years´ experience of successfully handling holiday illness claims and who heads our Holiday Claims Department says: “We have received claims from people who have suffered illness in package holiday hotels in the Dominican Republic, many of whom were staying at all inclusive hotels. The most common type of holiday illness is food poisoning caused by poor standards of hygiene and food and common symptoms include severe diarrhoea and sickness.”

“Many all inclusive hotels in the Dominican Republic serve buffet-style meals. If food is not prepared or cooked properly, not served at the correct temperature or not covered at all times, bacteria are likely to multiply quickly, causing illness amongst hotel guests. We would encourage anyone who has suffered sickness at a hotel in the Dominican Republic or elsewhere to contact us as soon as possible.”

“Holidaymakers who become ill abroad should seek medical attention and also make an official complaint to the holiday representative at their hotel. Copies of signed complaint forms should be kept and is also important to keep any prescriptions and invoices which will help a case against the tour operator when they return to the UK.”

For more information about how to claim compensation for holiday illness in the Dominican Republic, on a no win, no fee basis contact Farnworth Rose at:

Farnworth Rose Solicitors
Finance House
17 Kenyon Road
Lomeshaye Estate
Lancashire BB9 5SP
Tel: 01282 695 400 Fax: 01282 691 400
Email: info(at)farnworthrose(dot)co(dot)uk


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