U.S. Embassy names 49 Dominican swindlers in huge visa scam
 SANTO DOMINGO.- The United States Embassy released a list of 49 people who posing as diplomatic employees, swindle people with the promise to secure a visa for them.

The list of the names and photos of the alleged swindlers was delivered to the National District Office of the Prosecutor.

“These people are not employees of the Americana Embassy," says a poster placed in the Office of the Prosecutor’s Complaints Department, where the caption of the photos warns: "Report the fraud and prevent being swindled."

“If you have information with regards to some type of fraud contact the Anti-fraud Unit of the American Consulate at window No.11." it also asks to call the telephone numbers 809-731-4446, 809-731-4272 or fax 809-731-4467.

Hundreds of people go on a daily basis to the Consulate trying to obtain an American visa.

The suspects are Adfis Antonio Payamps (El Motro), Alberto Brito Sánchez, Brígido Agüero Sosa, Carlos Enrique Lauset, Carlos Isidro Jacobo Domínguez, Cristino Mercedes de la Mota (Canita), Daniel Antonio Arriaga González, Elsy Gertrudis González Cavallo, Emilio Rodríguez Mejía (El Puma), Ernesto Sosa, Federico Alexis Ruiz de la Cruz, Felicia del Carmen González Suárez, Félix Hernández (El Gordo), Francisco Antonio Restituyo (Chico) and Francisco Reynaldo Domínguez.

Also, Franklin Antonio Rojas Campusano, Geovanny Martínez Soto, Jacobo Quiroz Ventura, Juan Francisco Eusebio Batista, Jorge Antonio Guzmán Peña, José Alberto Sánchez, José Guisón García García, José Rafael Bobadilla Mercedes, Juan Emilio Borbón, Juan Manuel Valerio Báez, Juan Reyes Santana (Bemba), Julio César Reyes Tineo, Juan Disla, Lenny Estiward Valerio Aquino and Lhester Homero Berrido Román.

And Liades Altagracia Guance Lalondriz Manuel de Jesús Michel Viere, María del Pilar de los Santos Pérez, Marvin Joel Soriano Robles, Miguel Román Rosario Fermín, Rafael Jacobo Bobadilla, Ramón Antonio Grullón Grullón, Ramón Cabrera (El Bate), Ramón del Carmen Castillo Estévez, Ramón Emilio Serrata, Rosa Adelis Santos Santos, Samuel Grullón Mercado, Santos Valdez Cuello, Valerio Olivares de León, uno identificado solo como Vicent, Virgilio Antonio Silverio Almonte, Wascar de la Rosa Mercedes, Wilfrido Eloy López Rosa and Yenny Sugery Fernández Guzmán.

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