Two brothers alleged hired killers extradited to NYC (Update one more extradited) - Two Dominican brothers were extradited Thursday night to the United States where they accuse of several murders for hire in New York City, the Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) announced Friday.

Jose del Carmen and Héctor Ramon Piña, arrested recently in Santiago, face charges of killing their compatriots Jose Suárez and Juan Carmona, according to the documents from the South District Court sent to the Justice Ministry.

The detainees as well as their victims allegedly formed a key part of a drug trafficking network in New York and other nearby cities of NY State.

Three U.S. Marshals escorted them aboard Delta Airlines flight 494, said DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebrón, who affirmed that the brothers conspired with others, including inmates and fugitives, to murder their victims for large sums of money.


With in the same week this story came out:

The Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) yesterday arrested 187 people and seized thousands of doses of banned substances during a national raid against micro-trafficking.

According to a report by DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebron, agents conducted 58 raids and seized 16 motorcycles, two cars and three guns.

There were simultaneous raids in the capital, Santiago, La Romana, San Cristobal, Bani, San Francisco de Macoris, Barahona, Puerto Plata, La Vega, Bonao, San Juan de la Maguana, Neyba, San Pedro de Macoris and Higuey, among other cities


Dominican Watchdog Note: In another case a top official below was arrested and a general has been fleeing the country ALL connected to drugs. Dominican Republic needs to get all officials involved in drugs in jail. Last year 5000 was fired from the police and military, but hardly nobody went to jail...!!


Another military officer busted on alleged drug swap

Navy chief Nicolas Cabrera confirmed Friday that a lieutenant commander (major) was stripped of his commission and charged with swapping pure drugs for fake ones, in the Drugs Control  Agency’s (DNCD) Chain of Custody Department.

He said Felix Garcia was arrested Saturday in Santiago, together with Richard Almonte.

“That officer was being investigated for around two or three months because since his permanence in the DNCD it seems he committed some irregularities and resulting from the DNCD’s observation, he was then removed from service to his agency, but the investigation continued until we had enough evidence to request his removal,” the official said.

The arrest of military and police officials has become commonplace, and in many occasion are simply placed on retirement and not charged with any crime.


UPDATE - Agents arrest fugitive wanted in N.Y. contract killings

The Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) Thursday night arrested a fugitive of the United States, accused of contract killings on drug trafficking debts, together with two others detained and extradited two weeks ago, to face charges in the New York South District Court.

Rafael Radhamés Francisco “El 67” and/or “Frank Montana,” is wanted in the U.S. as a member of the group of hired killers headed by the brothers Jose del Carmen and Héctor Raymond Peña, arrested recently and later extradited to face charges in the murder of two people.

Francisco was arrested in his native San Francisco de Macorís (NE) together with his alleged accomplices, extradited to New York last week on a Supreme Court warrant 268-2011.

The DNCD reiterated that Francisco is a member of an alleged ring of contract killers.


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