Two Swiss citizens have been robbed and murdered in the Dominican Republic

Two Swiss die in Caribbean armed robbery


Two Swiss citizens have been robbed and murdered in the Dominican Republic, according to local reports.

The foreign ministry on Monday confirmed the deaths, adding that Dominican authorities had formally identified the victims.

El Nuevo Diario, a local newspaper, reported that the woman Johanna Bearand aged 47 and Oliver Maximilien Leon Guntert man aged 66, originally from Switzerland, had been found dead at their hotel in the tourist area of Boca Chica, one hour by car from the capital, Santo Domingo. They were killed during the night of Friday to Saturday.

The couple had been in the country for two months and planned on spending the winter there. The Dominican Republic is part of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. The western third of the island is occupied by Haiti.

Police were reported to have arrested one man, an escaped convict, who admitted the crime. His accomplice is still on the run.

At the end of 2009, 5,574 citizens of the Dominican Republic were living in Switzerland and 1,910 Swiss nationals were living in the Dominican Republic.



Google Translation of original article:

A man who escaped from prison last July Najayo was captured and one escaped from the prison of La Victoria is pursued, both accused of murdering two 66-F and 47, whose bodies were found last night inside the villa number 15, of Ocean Paradise, located at kilometer 32 of the eastern highway, in Boca Chica.

Police said Eleazar de León Soto (John), 28, escaped from Najayo, admitted penetrated to the aforementioned village in order to steal, where it hit with a crowbar foreigners Maximiliem Jhoanna Oliver Baer and Leon Guntier and caused death.

While the other hunted fugitive was identified only as Jose Miguel, who was involved in the killing of foreigners.

"A preliminary report states that foreigners who were staying for about two months in that place, were found dead by other residents and the private security guard," says the note from the police.

He adds that police said Soto De Leon was found four laptop computers, two portable DVD player, a digital camera, three watches of different brands and other objects including a crowbar.

During interrogation the accused said he was taken to place one Jose Miguel, who is a fugitive from justice after escaping from prison in La Victoria.


Original article in Spanish:

Un hombre que se fugó de la cárcel de Najayo en julio pasado fue apresado y otro que escapó de la cárcel de La Victoria es perseguido, ambos acusados de asesinar a dos suizos de 66 y 47 años, cuyos cadáveres fueron encontrados anoche en el interior de la villa número 15, de Mar Paraíso, ubicado en el kilómetro 32 de la Autovía del Este, en Boca Chica.

La Policía informó que Eleazar de León Soto (Jhon), de 28 años, fugado de Najayo, admitió haber penetrado a la referida villa con la finalidad de robar, donde golpeó con una pata de cabra a los extranjeros Jhoanna Baer y Oliver Maximiliem Leon Guntier, ocasionándoles la muerte.

En tanto que el otro fugitivo perseguido solo fue identificado como José Miguel, quien habría participado en el asesinato de los extranjeros.

“Un informe preliminar refiere que los extranjeros, quienes estaban hospedados desde hace unos dos meses en el referido lugar, fueron encontrados muertos por otros residentes y el vigilante privado”, dice la nota de la Policía.

Agrega que la Policía dijo que a De León Soto se le encontró cuatro computadoras laptop, dos DVD portátil, una cámara fotográfica digital, tres relojes de diferentes marcas y otros objetos entre ellos una pata de cabra.

En los interrogatorios el acusado dijo que fue llevado al lugar un tal José Miguel, quien se encuentra prófugo de la justicia tras escapar de la cárcel La Victoria.


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