Travel Warning, Eggs Front and Center of Crime Spree in Dominican Republic
Thieves and assailants in Santo Domingo and other urban areas are now using eggs mixed with water to carry out robberies and assaults on cars and trucks.

Their tactic, generally employed at night, is to throw eggs at a vehicle’s windshield, and when the driver’s near-automatic reflex of engaging the wipers produces an opaque mess, the driver is forced to stop in order to clean the mess, and the assailants make their move.

This tactic is being discussed on many of the local social networking sites, according to El Nuevo Diario, and drivers are being advised to keep calm and refrain from using the wipers in case of an attack of this nature. The advice is to get out of the area as soon as possible and go to a well-lit spot to clean up the mess.

Eggs and water form a viscous film that obscures the driver’s visibility and forces him or her to stop, and possibly become a victim.



Dominican Watchdog Note: Travel warning to tourists, Do not drive at night in the Dominican Republic, there has been several shootings at cars in the region of Sosua as well.

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