Top Dominican journalist slams “bums” in government payroll  - Newspaper El Nacional editor in chief of Radhamés Gomez Pepín affirmed Tuesday that if he were President his first decree would be to order a firing squad against “two or three bandits whom still subsist” and to clean the Government payroll “of so many bums” who get paid without working.

In an interview by the reporter Jose Rafael Sosa, the nation’s most senior journalist, speaking with all spontaneity and candor which characterizes, revealed that during his more than 60 year career has cautioned journalism students to think well about what they are going to do, because the media is a very pretty career, but demands many sacrifices.

He urged them not follow in the footsteps of “a few brigand colleagues” in journalism who’ve taken the profession “to make dough.”

Gomez said that one of the journalist’s duties is to control the “voracity of the governments regardless of its party”, because in his view the problem isn’t a political party, but the same overambitious governing class instead. “Don’t you see how they come in with one hand in front and the other behind them and leave on an SUV?”

The veteran journalist added that he’s been accused to him “everything” throughout his media career. “They’ve called me Communist, perredeísta (opposition PRD party member), but it doesn’t matter to me what they say, I sleep calm, that’s the truth.”


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