WARNING! Too many tourists & foreign investors are killed in Dominican Republic - Body Count: 39, Who is next? Canadian civil war world blogger calls DR the world's most dangerous country!

Holidays in Hell - If you like to end your vacation or foreign investment being shipped home in a pine box then Dominican Republic might be right for you!!


Canadian civil war world blogger calls Dominican Republic, the most dangerous country in the world


Read also: US Embassy: Crime continues to be a problem throughout the Dominican Republic

Body Count: 39 in just 3 years, and this is only the known cases....!!! Who is next?



80 Year old German Lady robbed in Dom Rep and dies from her injuries


Looks Like Paradise, Must Be Hell - Tourist # 39 killed in Dominican Republic!! The 80 year old Maximiliane  A. E. schwebinger GeB Muller from Germany lived many years in the DR. This case was handled with a lot of secrecy...., WHY?


June 14, 2014

Tourist murder #38, Spanish businessman killed in Dom Rep

Only in the last 30 days, three tourists or foreign investors has been murdered in DR!!! One German, One Chinese and now ONE Spanish, but there could be more as local media in general are unwilling to writing about it. Amado Martin Cruz was shot to death in a robbery at his residence....., The Dom Rep is starting to look like Zimbabwe......



May 26, 2014

One Chinese killed, two injured in robbery in Santo Domingo

Investor/Tourist #37 murdered in the Dominican Republic, Are you next ? The robbery happened during a blackout in the district where the store was located. And the victim had gone up to the roof to start the electric generator, when he was attacked by two robbers hiding there. The victim’s wife and daughter were hurt and are now hospitalized. The trade office has urged local authorities to speed up the investigation....


May 13, 2014

72 year old German killed with one bullet to his head in Dom Rep

Tourist #36 murdered in the Dominican Republic, Are you next ??? - German pensioner Paul Heinrich, 72 years old, and resident on the North Coast was found murdered with one shot to his head. The gun on his chest DO NOT match with the bullet in his head. The presumed suicide is now changed to MURDER, also did he not have gun powder on his hand.......


February 21st, 2014

Ukrainian woman gunned down and robbed in Sosua over 2 small yogurt


Tourist murder #35 !!! Ava Cimbalnikova, 61-year-old resident of Sosua was killed and robbed. They only got two small yogurt and a piece of bread from her, that's what a tourist life is worth in the Dominican Republic today. If the world statistics about the most dangerous cities was also covering small scale areas, then the 30km from Puerto Plata over Sosua to Cabarete would be one on their list....


January 29th, 2014

German lawyer is foreigner #34 to be killed in Dom Rep in recent time



Tourist #34 murdered in the Dominican Republic, Are you next ??? - German lawyer Dirc Weber, 44 years old, was found murdered under the bed in the apartment he had rented in Sosua. Those arrested for the murder was released after 2 days due to errors by police and prosecutes!!! - Watch Video......


December 20th, 2013

Swiss woman killed in her house in Puerto Plata
Merry Christmas from the DR to families of dead tourists around the world with Tourist #33 killed - What a crazy couple of weeks with 3 foreigners murdered in theDominican Republic !!! The body of the 49-year-old woman, Sofhi Madeline Luperon Mateo, from the Swiss canton of Jura was found on Saturday tied up with a bullet in her head in her home in Puerto Plata. She has lived in the DR since 2005. Two men has been arrested.....


December 18th, 2013

Cuban Journalist Murdered in Dominican Republic
Foreinger #32 to be killed in the Dominican Republic, proberly for being GAY!!!According to the Police then the murder was planned by the 3 boys, watch more details in main article YouTube video. The new and openly American GAY ambassador to the Dominican Republic, James "Wally" Brewster, better watch his back in this unfriendly country where he is clearly NOT welcome.....


December 12th, 2013

U.S. citizen found dead in Puerto Plata, Another in Cabarete plus one stabbed

HORROR WEEK IN PUERTO PLATA AREA, TOURIST MURDER #31 - An Italian-American businessman identified as Anthony Vacile, 51, was found hanged around 5am Tuesday, inside his apartment in a building of the city. Another American Michael Peter Beni was found dead in his hotel in Cabareta and same week a french tourist Patrick Vatillieux was stabbed also not far from Puerto Plata.....


August 21th, 2013

TRAVEL WARNING, Two tourists killed in Puerto Plata and Santiago

Two more murdered tourists more to be added to our statistic for Dominican Republic! Killed tourist #29 German national Rolf Erich Manfred Kobesch 60 years old on vacation in Sosua and  Killed tourist #30 Argentinean national Pablo Sosa 65 years old shot to death in Santiago. Thursday’s 10 murders add to Dominican Republic’s chilling figure, one of the most violent places in the world.....


July 19th, 2013

Dutch tourist murdered in her home in Cabrera, Dominican Republic


Tourist murder #28 - Richtje van Someren, 44 years old, also known as GINA was butchered in her home in Cabrera in what local Dominican police called a "crime of passion"...., Dutch Foreign Affairs advises travelers to the Dominican Republic to be vigilant and make travel warning for a year...., the killer is still lose and linked to a murder of an Italian man in same area!!.....


May 15th, 2013

Italian man beaten to death with iron pipe in Dominican Republic


Tourist #27 murdered in Dom Rep - Francesco Ceron of Italian origin, who lived Sosua, was found in the back seat of his Suzuki Grand Vitara, plate G028729 completely gagged, with bumps and cuts on his head, and a an electrical cord tied around his neck. Roumers will that his Dominican wife was behind it and she also wanted USD 1100 to release the body to the family back home in Italy.....


January 31th, 2013

Tourist Murder no 26, French national hanged on his yacht in Samana Dom Rep

WATCH VIDEO OF HANGED FRENCH TOURIST BEING REMOVED BY POLICE - Pascal Heron, 50 years old and with passport no 05CP62739 is tourist #26 to be murdered the Dom Rep in less than 3 years. Medical examiner of Samaná, Dr. Julian Bodden Emilio De La Cruz and deputy prosecutor Mr. Elinton Santiago Billiards plus the police certified that he was found dead with signs of violence on the body.....


January 20th, 2013

Prostitute stabs Canadian man 20 times in Dom Rep, American Woman killed in Bar

Holidays in Hell This Week - Like to be shipped home in a pine box, then Dominican Republic might be right for you!! This Canadian is pretty lucky, last week the American woman Sandra Valente was killed in Santo Domingo while her husbond was in the bathroom according to local media. She is tourist #25 to be killed in three years in Dominican Republic....


January 14th, 2013

4 arrested for killing German in Sosua on the North Coast of Dom Rep

Paul Jürgen Siefried is tourist #24 to be killed in the Dominican Republic in only 3 years !!! - The Procurator Fiscal of the Judicial Department, said about four people were arrested for investigation surrounding the shooting death of the German national Jürgen Paul Siefried 71 years of age, in Mulata in the tourist town of Sosua on Sunday night.....


December 11th, 2012

Tourist STANISLAO LYTWYN killed in Punta Cana

STANISLAO LYTWYN is tourist #23 to be killed in the Dominican Republic in only 3 years !!! - reportedly he was shot when he tried to stop an assault between two other men at a same time when he was moving around with his wife Holgatha Cheuvo.....



October 3rd, 2012

US man killed in his home in Sosua, Dominican Republic


STAY AWAY!!! Another Tourist Killed in Dominican Republic - Police say Raffaelle Foria was killed in the popular tourist town of Sosua after four men broke into a house he shared with 70-year-old Stanley Leonard, who also was shot but is expected to recover. According to our chornologic tracking, this foreigner investor or tourist  #21 to be killed in the DR within the last 3 years......



August 20th, 2012

Another Chinese businessman murdered in Dominican Republic

The list of investors killed in Dominican Republic is growing fast!!! - Chinese businessman, Chi Mine Wu, aged 33, was stabbed to death in the kitchen of his restaurant, Pica Pollo Asia, in San Pedro de Macoris. This is not the first time Chinese have been murdered in this restaurant, as in December 2006 the brothers Wei Wuo and Wi Hog Hog were also stabbed to death there.......


JULY 22th, 2012

Dom Rep sentences couple to 30 years in prison for killing Belgian tourist



Is LUC no 19 or no 40.....????- Authorities said Aquino lured the 58-year-old retiree to an apartment north of the capital where she and her companion gave him tea laced with a drug that knocked him out. They then killed and dismembered Vandormael, so you might reconsider moving to the DR as he is only one of many. More worrying is that this happened back in October 2010 but has been kept secret from the press....!! Click here to see video about Luc


JULY 15th, 2012

Swiss businessman killed and robbed in Dominican Republic


Again Again, Stahli Roland Eugen, 61 years, passport no. F0925826 is foreigner no. 18 to be killed in just 3 years in the DR. He had just returned from a trip to New York when someone broke into his house through the bathroom window. The Swiss businessman who imported wines into the Caribbean country has been found dead from a gunshot wound in his leg. Three arrested.....


JUNE 11th, 2012

Ex DEA agent found tied and strangled in Santiago


Another foreigner murdered in DomRep, BODY COUNT 17! - Unidentified assailants strangled an attorney and former member of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), inside his apartment in the city's Los sector Los Garages. His neighbors said they suspect a woman with whom the victim had a romantic relationship, and to whom Pichardo had given a vehicle and then took it back......


May 23th, 2012

DR1.com - Murder mastermind in drug addiction rehab in Canada

Canadian Gordon Wilson, suspected of being behind the murder of Colombian Maribel Buritica, is being treated at a psychiatric facility in Canada, reportedly for drug addiction, the Police reported, according to Listin Diario. Police spokesman General Maximo Baez said that Wilson, who David Joel Toribio, 32 years, accused of promising to pay US$1,000 for the murder, met the Colombian online and maintained a friendship with her. He said that Buritica had invited Wilson to the country, but when she noted his addiction to drugs, sought to end the friendship and this led to her obtaining a restraining order from the judiciary in an attempt to keep him away.

Baez said that the Dominican Republic and Canada do not have an extradition agreement, but that they are studying how Canadian legislation handles cases of accusations against people with addiction problems.

Buritica, who worked as group manager at Manati Park in Punta Cana, went missing on 4 May. She was last seen leaving the San Juan Shopping Center around 7pm that day. The Police identified the victim by her clothing, which matched the description of what she was wearing that day.

In its coverage of the case, Diario Libre reports that officers investigating the crime also suspect that the motive could have been robbery. As reported, according to one investigator the supposed murderers, Toribio and his girlfriend and alleged accomplice Catherin Matas Molares, 20, found out that Canadian Gordon Wilson, had a restraining order for harassment of the Colombian and may have used it as a pretext to kidnap her, rob her and subsequently kill her.

See photo of Colombian tourist Maribel Buriticá here


April 17th, 2012

Diplomat Murdered in Dominican Republic

. 55-year-old Julia Ou was a press secretary at the Taiwanese Embassy in the Dominican Republic and member of the Tzu Chi Foundation, one of Taiwan's biggest charities. She was involved in overseas compatriot affairs who had served in the Caribbean country for more than a year before she was found stabbed to death at her home in Santo Domingo......


March 29th, 2012

Body of Murdered Spanish Businessman Found in Dominican Republic

Several Dominicans wanted in this case - A Spanish woman had the 57 year old Crespo killed at the request of another unidentified Spanish citizen who offered 10 million pesos (about $256,000) for the businessman’s death, paying 40,000 pesos (about $1,000) up front, a police spokesman said. She was Crespo's former partner in a restaurant in Playa Bavaro.......


December 13, 2011

Dutch hotel owner killed by thieves in Dominican Republic


Another foreign investor has been murdered in the Dominican Republic! The body of 53 year old Dutch national Johannes Willem den Dulk, which reveals various injuries, was found in his house in the Pontesuela sector of Santiago province. The coroner said the type of weapons has yet to be determined.......



July 12, 2011

American couple brutally murdered in Punta Cana, FBI now involved at the crime scene

The Cuban-American couple, Milagros Caridad and her husband Augustine Novoa, were shot and killed point blank by two men who entered their vacation home in the tourist area of ​​Punta Cana. The assailants left alive at the couple's son, 17, and a Haitian security guard. Both were at gunpoint locked into a bathroom........ FBI is now at the scene to do a joint investigation........ Read full story




June 29, 2011 

Canadian investor killed in Dominican Republic

Aparently the wealthy 68 years old Canadian investor Marcel Adam was killed by a blow to his head in one of his apartments in Sosua by a young Dominican woman now arrested by the police........ read full story





February 11, 2011

Venezuelan man shot dead at BQ hotel in Santo Domingo

Rafael Mauricio Verdeja, 45 years old tourist, has been gunned down by two bullets in the back while sitting in the open air restaurant of BQ hotel in Santo Domingo. The victim was dining with a woman who left the scene moments before the shooting took place. A waiter was wounded. The killers fled on a small motorcycle....... Read full story and see picture


February 04, 2011

Young Canadian killed by 5 in Punta Cana night club

Jordan Morrison, the 19 years old teenager killed in Dominican Republic was coming to aid of a friend in the hotels night club. He was beaten to death by 5 Canadian tourists while staying in Grand Paradise Bavaro resort in Punta Cana. The cheap all inclusive deals are attracting some of the worst low class tourists to the Dominican Republic, and floating them with free alcohol is a very dangerous combination.... read full story



February 03, 2011

German tourist killed in Puerto Plata airport

Erich Zipfel (46 years old man) from Germany was found Yesterday in a small room behind the ticket counter of MartinAir in Puerto Plata Airport. He was laying in a pool of blood with the knife was still sitting in his heart. He spend less than a month in the Domincian Republic..... Read full story and see pictures from the crime scene here


December 18, 2010

Dutch pensioner killed in Dominican Republic

The Police National said four men were shot to death last night, including a member of a dangerous gang of hired killers which committed holdups in public places, dressed in military and  police garb. The 63 old Dutch, Walter De Laats , whose house they tried to burgle in the central town Cotuí was one of the victims.... Read full story and see video of the gang in action click on link Dutch pensioner killed in Dominican Republic



November 1st, 2010

Two Swiss citizens have been robbed and murdered in the Dominican Republic, according to local reports.

The woman aged 47 and a man aged 66, originally from Switzerland, were found dead at their hotel in the tourist area of Boca Chica. They planned to stay all winter in the DR, but was brutally killed with a crowbar and robbed......

Read full story: Two Swiss citizens have been robbed and murdered in the Dominican Republic


July 29, 2010

A BRITISH millionairess owner of a famous strip club has been brutally murdered on holiday

Denise D'Courtenay, 60, was stabbed to death before being buried in bushes on a beach in the Dominican Republic.

Cops were last night hunting a rogue military policeman who had allegedly been stalking her.

 Amazing Update on this story September 14, 2010 - Wrong body of murdered  tourist returned to UK from DomRep


July 21, 2010

German killed in his house in Santo Domingo

Two people were shot late Wednesday at a house in the Rosmil urbanization, belonging to a German.

Werner Munch lived alone in the 2 storey house, which he was in the process of remodeling,  and he owned a finance company in a nearby street.

According to neighbors, the attackers were people trusted by Munch.

Reports from the scene have suggested that three men arrived at the house in a Honda Accord car and two went inside. Three women working at the house were gagged and tied.

What happened after that is unclear, but it seems the gunmen began shooting wildly, also injuring a seven year old  child at a neighboring house. They then stole a motor scooter and made their escape.

It is not known if anything was stolen in the attack.
The same house was robbed in August 2007 and the Police arrested Alex Matos Soto, 24 while he was in the house.


July 20th 2010

Former Cumberland County political, social activist Douglas Jones Romero killed in Dominican Republic

VINELAND — A former social activist in Cumberland County was slain July 10 in the Dominican Republic, allegedly by a woman and teen intent on robbery, published reports said Tuesday.

The Latin American Herald Tribune reported that Douglas Jones Romero, formerly of Vineland, was poisoned by a woman and a 16-year-old girl who wanted to rob him in the northern province of Santiago.

Jones Romero was active in Vineland and other areas of Cumberland County in the 1980s through the mid 1990s.

A former editor with El Veterano, a Spanish-language newspaper based in Vineland, he was an advocate for urging Hispanics to register to vote.

Jones Romero also was active in traditional political circles. A Democrat, he ran for mayor, a seat on the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders and for state Assembly in the 1st Legislative District, which now includes Cape May County and parts of Cumberland and Atlantic counties.

In January 2005, he lobbied Cumberland County's freeholder board to expand the Board of Social Services. Jones Romero claimed board members had conflicts of interest by having family members working for the agency.

According to the Herald Tribune, the two suspects admitted under questioning that they killed Jones Romero in the city of Tamboril, giving him a poisoned bowl of oats. The suspects allegedly used the money they stole from Jones Romero to buy drugs and go to beauty parlors.

See picture of Douglas

JUNE 14th 2010

An American attorney and businessman was shot to death at his residence in Sosua, a tourist resort in the northern Dominican Republic, police said, adding that two suspects were under arrest.

Arthur Lee Tarlow(see picture and full story) was shot four times Friday night, the North-Central Police Administration said.



APRIL 5th 2010 - A Canadian woman and long-time resident of the Dominican Republic was found stabbed to death in her home last week, and police there are searching for three men they believe are responsible for her death.

A national district police chief identified the victim as 54-year-old Louise Gaudreault, a former resident of Quebec who had been living in the Dominican Republic on a ranch she has owned for the past 25 years.

She offered horseback riding to tourists and earned the nickname Racho Luisa among locals near the resort town of Caberete, according to Le Journal de Montreal.

Ms. Gaudreault lived alone, and her 25-year-old son, Tommy, who also lives in the Dominican Republic, was on vacation in Quebec last Thursday, when her body was found, the French language newspaper reported.

Her body was found Thursday by neighbours in the bathroom of her home in the northwest town of Gaspar Hernandez.

Dominican police officials said Gaudreault was stabbed five times. Scissors and fabric found by her body are being analysed.

They said one suspect being sought is Haitian but declined to say more.

A spokesperson for Foreign Affairs would say only that officials there and at the Consulate General of Canada in Santo Domingo “are aware of an incident involving a Canadian citizen in the Dominican Republic,” and are standing “ready to provide consular assistance as needed.”


This is the second death of a Quebecker in the country in recent months.

Italian Tourist Killed in Casa de Campo

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