Theacher from UK dies in dangerous waves off Sosua in Dominican Republic

BBC NEWS - Tributes have been paid to an "inspiring" British teacher who died while swimming in the Dominican Republic.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) confirmed Sian Louise Marshall-Plewes, 36, of Lincoln, died in the early hours of Saturday.

It is thought she got into difficulty while swimming off Sosua Beach.

Pupils from the Priory City of Lincoln Academy described her as "a lovely woman" on a Facebook tribute page.

'Never, ever forgotten'

Hannah Wells posted: "You were always that supportive teacher that kept you calm through exams and kept smiling no matter what!"

Kay Holden wrote: "You always knew when I was upset and always managed to make me smile.

"I always wanted to return the favour seems like it won't happen now. You will never ever be forgotten."

Laura McIntosh wrote: "You inspired every pupil you taught."

Staff and pupils will attend a remembrance afternoon at the academy in Skellingthorpe Road at 14:00 BST on Saturday where lanterns will be released to celebrate Ms Marshall-Plewe's life.

A spokesperson for the academy said Ms Marshall-Plewes had been with the school since she qualified as an English teacher in 2003.

"As you can see from the Facebook comments Sian was an extremely popular teacher with staff and students," she said.

"Our thoughts are with Sian's family and friends at this sad time."

The FCO said it was providing consular assistance to Ms Marshall-Plewes's family "at this difficult time"


Dominican Watchdog Note: Other media states "She is believed to have been swimming with a man named locally as Jose Manuel Cordero at the time before being hit by a strong wave. She inhaled water before passing out. Read more:

Other drowning accidents in the DR:

Canadian tourist drowns off Dominican beach resort in Punta Cana - Authorities say a Canadian tourist has drowned off a beach resort in the Dominican Republic. Police on Wednesday identified the dead 46-year-old vacationer as Derrick Hayley of the town of Bonavista in Newfoundland. He was pronounced dead Monday at a hospital after being pulled from the ocean by staff at the Bavaro resort where he was staying with his wife and son. In September, another Canadian tourist drowned off the same beach resort area of Punta Cana.


 Another story from TRIPADVISOR!

“Guest drowns trying to rescue drowning guest. Staff do nothing.”
1 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful resort but the hotel does not care about the safety of it's guests. There are no lifeguards and no rescue procedures in place in the case of a tragedy. What are the chances of a tragedy occuring? Well one woman almost drowned during our stay and hotel management now has 2 drowned guests on its hands not even a month later.

My family and other hotel guests rescued the drowing woman in November. An English man on his honeymoon heeded our cries for help when we noticed a girl struggling in the waves and swam her to shore. Staff members turned their backs as we ran crying for help and searching the beach for a flotation device. When security showed up 15 minutes later it was to demand the room number of the nearly-drowned guest. When she asked why they needed her room number...they told her it was for the "security charge". Hotel guests save other guests and the hotel has the nerve to want to charge the woman for the non-existant security. The English man lost his wedding ring in the rescue and the hotel told the young woman that she would have to compensate him for it. Not surprisingly, the man told the guest services manager that he refused to have her pay for his lost ring. The hotel thought it appropriate to compensate the man who just saved the life of one of their guests with a free massage! Who knew a human life had so little value.

Now barely a month later...a similar incident occurs where a hotel guest tries to rescue another guest..this time with deadly consequences...the struggling man drowned and the rescuer, Hady Quan of Vancouver, is still missing.

Obviously this resort sees their guests only as dollar hit them in the only place they have any feeling and do not spend your vacation dollars there.


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