The rich and poor steal US$500M in electricity - Update - Why electricity is too expensive! - State-owned Power Companies (CDEEE) CEO Celso Marranzini affirmed Tuesday that energy theft reaches around US$500 million, including society’s upper, middle and lower classes.


“The robbery is immense; it’s not only the high class, but also the middle and low class,” the official said, noting that energy theft is much higher than the Government subsidy given to the poorest sectors via the light bond.

Marranzini spoke prior to starting the work to rebuild the power lines in different Santo Domingo barrios, where he said the blackouts occurring in the different communities result from the maintenance and reconstruction of the grid taking in all regions.

The energy chief added that what’s important is that the annoyances are temporary and will have good results once concluded. “So many projects in the electrical sector have never seen at the same time.”

Dominican Watchdog Note: This just show a general mentality problem, if it's possible to steal its accepted in the DR. Electricity in the Dominican Republic is much more expensive than in Panama. This issue needs a serious fix, but again heavy corruption is invloved in the DR energy sector! Its a cash cow for the corrupt.



CDEEE just needs 20 staff

An editorial in comments that the Public Electricity Corporation could be managed with just 20 employees and one advisor. The editorial recalls that when current CDEEE vice president Celso Marranzini was in the private sector in 2009, and the CDEEE under engineer Radhames Segura had 1,400 employees, he consistently said it could be managed with 400 people. Once he got to the post, the staff was reduced to half, 796 employees. It observes that Marranzini could not go further due to political pressures.

The editorial quotes comments by electrical expert Bernardo Castellanos who observes that with its present responsibilities, the CDEEE would be more efficient with just 20 employees.

It observes that the CDEEE has a board of directors chaired by Armando Castillo Pena who is on a salary of RD$207,000 a month and that the council has 14 staff members. The vice president's office has a 143-person payroll and Marranzini himself is on a wage of RD$300,000, slightly less than what he earned in the private sector.

In the financial services department employs 62 people, with a salary of RD$300,000 for its leading executive, Eric Eduardo Jerez Mejia. In the legal department, with a staff of 56, the department coordinator earns RD$260,000.

In the area of public relations, which previously employed 59 people, there are now 35 employees.

In observations by Castellanos, the only role the CDEEE has is to manage two contracts that are in deficit (Smith & Enron and Cogentrix), administer four loans with bilateral organizations and oversee electrification in rural and suburban areas, work that is carried out by contractors.


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