Swaying Palms Dominican Republic, Update 2 The developer is hiding in Florida

Breaking News!

Dominican Watchdog promised John that we would track him down if he ran away with investors money as his Swaying Palms project was smelling as a huge scam.

From an angry investor who has been in contact with the American Embassy in London and FBI in Miami we have received the following information. The address of the newly formed Blueshore dev can be verified from "Corporation WiKi" with a map leading straight to John Elsbury.


Blueshore developments S.A. 6231 PGA Boulevard, suite 104-211, Palm Beach Gardens, FL33418

Also from Corporation Wiki:   South Florida Dance Industries,Inc  officers Craig Elsbury (son) John Elsbury. address 13 Kintyre rd Palm beach Gdns same add as blue shore dev inc,

PS Craig Elsbury and John Elsbury were blueshore dev S.A they are also the owners of Florida dance but only john is Blueshore Dev Inc.  (Graig was singed out of the Dominican corporation, probably to try to protect him from a lawsuit form investors in the future)

Any investors who have more news they like to get published about John Elsbury are welcome to contact Dominican Watchdog.


Our original article from FEB 2010:

Dominican Watchdog has sent the below letter to John Elsbury on December 12, 2009 . Dominican Watchdog has not received answers to our questions. The questions are quite simple and in the interest of protecting consumers coming to invest in the Dominican Republic.  Dominican Watchdog recommends that you use ESCROW or Title Guarantee Company to protect your investment in the Dominican Republic.



Dear John,

Dominican Watchdog has now received several inquiries in regards to you Swaying Palms project, and specially in connection 
with the BUY BACK guarantee of 180%.
I have the following questions:
How is status on the land today? Does each lot now hold a definitive title because the title number is not in the contract?
Please note that there are some typo mistakes on the contract(I attached the general contract and marked the two places in 
regards to percentages in red - I got the documents from potential investors asking my advice)
How is the building progress on PHASE ONE? Please send photos and let me know if all infra structures are now in place?
How is the buyers protected? Escrow accounts or Stewart title guarantee? Or is BlueShore Developments SA using the
deposits to develop the project?
Does BlueShore Developments SA have any finance from any local banks for the development? Are the owners adding
additional funds to the company besides the required minimum capital for incorporation of the Domincian socidad?
Which brings me to the most important questions: The capital of BlueShore Developments SA is 1 mill Pesos(USD 30,000), 
so from where is the BUY BACK guarantee coming? and how is the project financed?
When I have received the answers to these questions, I have some additional questions to the Due Diligence report and to 
Jordi Sanchez-Tort, so please provide me with the contact information to the lawyer. According to Dominican law, then legal
binding contracts must be in Spanish. Are the buyers signing two contracts? One in Spanish and one in English?
Because only a Notarized Dominican contract in Spanish language will have value in the Dominican court system in case of later
I have done some research into the persons behind and cant find anything connecting them with the building industry in the UK?
Please send some references(besides the bankrupt project MacaoBay) 
I also find it strange that the project has not taken control of the main available domain name for the project SWAYING-PALMS.COM to promote the project.

Looking forward to your answers,



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