Substitute judge releases 5 charged with title fraud, foreigners lost millions of USD
The photo used for this article has circulated on Facebook for over a year. It must be clear to everybody that there is NOT a scandal happening small or large in which somebody from the PLD is not involved. The stories below happens everyday in the DR. Corruption, crimes and scandals has become the trademark of PLD! - A substitute judge is once again at the center of scandal, as the National District 6th Instruction Court yesterday ruled to release five defendants accused of being part of a ring of counterfeiters of deeds of property including military assigned to the Real Estate Jurisdiction and employees.

Judge Vladimir Rosario Garcia ordered the immediate release of Francisco Antonio Medina, Angela Mundaray, Oliver Manuel Fiallo, Carlos Manuel Vasquez and Edwin Omar Sanchez, after calling the group’s prosecution inadmissible.

The judge ordered a halt to any restrictive actions and the return of properties seized during the investigation, and sent four to stand trial.

Edwin Baquero, Ricardo Mota, Henry Melenciano, Walter Lendor and Geovanny Santana will face criminal proceedings with 50 pieces of evidence submitted against them, among document and testimonies. Of the group of 10 one was released on one million peso bond.

The Prosecution called the group part of a ring which forged deeds of property titles and former District Attorney Alejandro Moscoso and former National titles registrar Wilson Gomez revealed that Lendor was an employee of the Property Jurisdiction and Santana, an auditor in the Supreme Court, who’ve been fired for providing logistical support to the counterfeiters who then swindled several people our of tens of millions of pesos.

According to the indictments, the ring forged the signatures of notaries and pilfered documents and public information, with the help of judiciary officials.

The forged documents include those from the National Property Administration (BN), National Housing Bank (BNV), Internal Taxes (DGII) and Presidential decrees.


Dominican Watchdog Note - This is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in the Dominican Republic. When the bribe becomes big enough, the judge retire for a couple of weeks form his office and the unlucky substitute judge will be asked to released the criminals. Then the judge will come back and wash his hands as if nothing happened. Who said BANANA REPUBLIC !!!!!

These clows has resulted in millions of dollars lost by both Dominican's and foreign investors:


In 2 years foreign property buyers lost over US$ 1 billion in Punta Cana alone


Deed forgery ring scammed Dominicans and foreigners for years


Thousands of lawyers have fake IDs in Dom Rep!


Beware of title-forging lawyers, Cadastre chief warns


Dominican Government ex officials face real estate fraud charges in New York


Another BANANA REPUBLIC example: Chamber of Accounts report lists irregularities

The Chamber of Accounts is concerned at the persisting lack of compliance, weaknesses and irregularities in the public institutions management of their budgets, as set out in the Chamber’s report to the National Congress on the Evaluation of Budget Implementation and General State Accountability.

According to the Chamber, it was not able to obtain the information needed for completing its analysis of the State properties included in the budget execution in the section on capital spending worth RD$68,148,471.519.

It goes on to say that it was not able to receive any response to its requests for confirmation of the values included in the section on tax income, which according to the budget execution statement, totaled RD$206,157,094.833, pointing out that RD$3,394,818.757 under this category was not included in the 2011 Budget.

The report, delivered to Congress on Monday, the body responsible for auditing the public accounts, informs that the central Government spent a total of RD$79,113,708.853 on employee remuneration, but to date has not been able to obtain reliable information on this execution.

It was established that the budgetary execution did not include the values perceived by the Central Government dependencies, which did not enter the budgetary circuit, resulting in an under-valuation of RD$13,186,433,489 in the Savings-Investment-Finance account.

And as it states in its reports to Congress every year, the Chamber of Accounts assures that it will begin applying actions aimed at imposing discipline, corrections and penalties based on legal standards, in order to ensure the correct use of public funds.

It also calls on Congress to legislate to implement the approval and application of rules aimed at strengthening and guaranteeing fiscal discipline and fulfillment.


One final question just before President Leonel leaves office..... How did he makes his wealth, now a multi-millionaire in Dollars after a few years as president....? - Visit our special website about him and his scandals

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