Know the truth about the Sugar Brothers - US$ 95 Million Lawsuit Against Casa de Campo, Fanjul and Central Romana

2 coronels and 18 military officers on behalf of the attorney general of the Dominican Republic assisted the original land owners in a visit to Casa de Campo a few weeks back. These are the facts about why Four Season Hotel was never build in Casa de Campo as proclaimed by Central Romana to be finished by end of 2009.  Central Romana (the company behind CdC) is not the owner of the land they offered to Four Seasons, when Four Seasons found out they left the DR very upset and will probably never return. It also turns out that Central Romana is also not the owner of parts of the land where they did the marina extension a few years back.....


Remember this headlines in the press a few years back? Click on link to read original story from Central Romana's website

Central Romana Corporation announced the construction of the Four Seasons Casa de Campo Resort with a
US$ 120 million dollar investment.

"Casa de Campo has earned a reputation as the premier resort in the Caribbean and now will also have a renowned flagship beachfront hotel," explained Mr. Alfonso Paniagua, an executive from Central Romana Corporation who announced in press conference the initiation for construction of the new "Four Seasons Casa de Campo Resort ". Nowhere in the Dominican Republic will there be a hotel that comes close to the luxury and scope of this project.

"We are very excited about the Four Seasons resort hotel which promises to become one of Four Seasons’ finest properties. Central Romana is going all out to do it right," said Eddie Creed one of the founders of Four Seasons luxury chain and a Casa de Campo villa owner since 1978. With an investment by CR of US$120 million, the 200-bedroom resort is expected to open in the winter of 2009........ click on above link for the full story. If removed from their website use this link


Information forwarded exclusively to Dominican Watchdog reviels the following:


1. The fanjuls did the marina and never paid for the land, is a BIG SCANDAL here in DR!!


2. The REAL OWNERS of the land of La Marina in Casa de Campo came to survey the land and make the deslinde in the marina, 37,750 sqmts2 of land.


3. They had assistance of 18 militars in a bus and two coronels with order of abogado del estado.


4. The REAL OWNERS are asking 95 million dollars for the land = 2500 dollars per m2


5. It all started 3 years ago when Casa de Campo wanted to make a partnership with Four Seasons Hotel on a land that they did not own. When the hotel was almust iniciating and cosntruction ready to start the REAL OWNERS appeared and Four Seasons left the country with a bad image of the country.


 Dominican Watchdog is following this case and ask other people who know more to forward information to us!

Get the truth about the Fanjuls behind Central Romana and Casa de Campo!!


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