Senior official’s refusal to pay light bill surprise the media(Update 2) - A months-long judicial conflict pitting the South Electricity Distributor (Edesur) against the prestigious attorney and Banks superintendent  Euclides Gutiérrez has marred the also historian’s reputation, and none of the local media has been able to contact him for a statement.



The power company says the official refuses to pay more than RD$2.0 million for electricity consumed in Gutiérrez residence and when Edesur technicians go the house to cut the service, are confronted by Superintendence security guards.  

Despite that several media have reported on Gutiérrez attitude, the senior leader of the ruling PLD party has yet to state his position.


Government official caught stealing electricity, Listin reports

The Electricity Distributor Company Edeeste discovered a hidden transformer in the car dealer Cambita Auto Import, owned by the transport business leader Alfredo Pulinario (Cambita), who’s also president Leonel Fernandez’s Adviser on that sector, reports

Officials of the Electric System’s Office of the Prosecutor (PGASE), in coordination with the Electricity Superintendence (SIE) and Edeeste anti-fraud technicians found a 37.5 kilowatt transformer directly connected to the business located next to the Las Americas highway, in Los Frailes, which bypassed the electricity meter.

Edeeste’s technicians determined that the business consumed 1,530 kilowatt-hours monthly, around RD$15,000.

They also reported that Pulinario, accompanied by dozens of men in an aggressive attitude, impeded the confiscation of the transformer, as well as his arrest. “The driver union leader was aggressive with the brigades in his business, for which another brigade had to arrive, in addition to members of Edeeste security and the National Police.

Listin reports that Pulinario is also interim vice president of the bus owners grouped in Mochotran.


Dominican Watchdog Note: This exactly shows the disrespect from the rich and powerful in the Dominican Republic, they all like to enrich themselves on the cost of the rest of the society. By the way where did President Leonel get all his millions from?


More on Euclides Gutierrez - On her Saturday evening TV show, investigative journalist Nuria Piera revealed that the Superintendent of Insurance, 73-year old Euclides Gutierrez Felix has two luxurious mansions he has not declared. She mentioned the farm in Los Mogotes, an area where several other government officials have vacation homes.

As reported in, on her 6 August TV program, Piera said that Gutierrez Feliz uses employees paid by the Superintendence at his personal properties.

One of the properties is located in Jarabacoa at an estimated value of RD$15 million.

In an earlier show, Piera reported that Gutierrez was in arrears paying his electricity bill, with the compliance of the power distribution company. Following the program, a payment agreement was reportedly reached for Gutierrez to pay his bill. Piera complained that citizens in the DR have their power cut off for one day of arrears, compared to the complacent extension granted to the high-ranking PLD party politician and government official.

Piera pointed out that in his 2008 assets statement, he declared assets of RD$154 million.



Original article:

SANTO DOMINGO, República Dominicana.- Una brigada de la empresa de distribución eléctrica EDESUR le cortó el servicio de energía eléctrica a la casa del dirigente peledeísta Euclides Gutiérrez Félix, quien adeuda 2.3 millones de pesos y más de 432 mil 841 pesos por concepto de mora.

A esta información se le dará seguimiento en el programa televisivo El Despertador, del Grupo SIN, que se transmite de lunes a viernes de 7:00 a 9:00 de la mañana a través de Antena Latina, canal 7.

El servicio fue restablecido en la vivienda del Superintendente de Seguros bajo la promesa de un acuerdo de pago de la deuda pendiente y el saldo de la deuda corriente.

Gutiérrez Félix había recibido más de 30 citas y llamadas, pero no hizo caso.

Además incumplió un acuerdo de pago y no permitía que le cortaran el servicio, llegando a utilizar la fuerza militar que está a su servicio para impedirlo. Source:

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