Senator charged with embezzling RD$250M poses “flight risk”, Judges visa to US canceled - Altagracia province senator Amable Aristy poses a flight risk and can escape the judicial process now in course, according to the Justice ministry’s request to incarcerate the lawmaker and continue the investigation for allegedly embezzling more than RD$250 million during his tenure in the Dominican Municipal League (LMD).

Justice minister Francisco Dominguez’s missive to the Supreme Court led to the appointment of Justice to hear the request to arrest Aristy, noting that his immunity as a Senator makes it easy for him to hide abroad and evade criminal proceedings.

In the latest request filed before the Supreme Court last week, Domínguez states that Aristy conspired with other officials and individuals, whom "we are in the process to individualize."

The official adds that the magnitude and extent of the irregularities in the LMD and damages to the State will also be investigated.


Chief Justice unaware the U.S. yanked judges’ visas

Supreme Court  Chief justice Mariano German on Monday said he’s unaware that the United States canceled the visa of several judges for handing down “benign” rulings on narcotics cases.

He said as president of the Supreme Court and of the Judicial Council, the U.S. embassy hasn’t notified him of the situation and therefore couldn’t comment.

German spoke after attending workshop "Harmonization of criminal law in the fight against organized crime" for Central American and Dominican parliamentarians, with lawmakers and justice ministers from Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The media asked the Chief Justice about the judges allegedly canceled visas, just one day after local media broke the story about lawmakers, politicians and business leaders stripped of the document to travel to U.S. territories, mostly in connection with drug trafficking.

Dominican Watchdog Note | All this drug business and government fraud must have been in agreement with Ex President Leonel Fernandez... read more


U.S. warns Dom. Rep.: Fight corruption or get left behind


U.S. ambassador Raul Yzaguirre on Wednesday said those countries that fail to fight corruption in a responsible and determined manner, the Dominican Republic among them, can’t develop their economy, education or in any other sector.

Interviewed by newspaper in his residence, Yzaguirre said corruption is stoked by several sources, including low wages in the country, which leads to difficulties in maintaining a family.

"That has several sources of help, starting with the people of ill will, secondly we must note that the salaries are very low, it is difficult to support a family on low wages and those wages have to be improved, the legal system that creates impunity must be reformed and we have to work with prosecutors, with judges, police, with all who share in establishing an environment of justice and peace,” the diplomat said.

“So therefore we are all responsible and what’s important it is that we need to stress that it not only depends on the president, it doesn’t depend on Congress, legislators, it depends on all of us, even from friends and partners in the Dominican Republic, including the government of the United States," he said.

U.S. Government

Yzaguirre said corruption is a very important issue for the government of the United States and which in his view there’s been progress, so the players in the process shouldn’t just focus on the flaws, and continue to deal with the problem instead. “That’s to say that what I want is to convey is that all these challenges can be surmounted, we can move forward and we're going to end corruption, if we have the political will to do so."


Dominican Watchdog Note | The fact is: Dominican Republic ranks 118th on transparency in the use of taxpayers’ money, under Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, released in Berlin Wednesday.

Chile and Uruguay figure as Latin America’s least corrupt countries, while Venezuela is the most corrupt.

Denmark, Finland and New Zealand head the list of the 176 countries studied, scoring 90 of a possible 100 points.


TOP DOMINICANS filling the rest of the world with hot air and BS about their country:


ALEJANDROGONZLEZPONS.COM - Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the European Union in Brussels

- Ambassador, Permanent Representative to United Nations in New York

- Ambassador, Permanent Representative to United Nations in Geneva

MARIOARVELOCAAMAO.COM - Ambassador, Permanent Representative to United Nations in Rome

VIRGILIOALCANTARA.COM - Ambassador, Permanent Representative to Organization of American States in Washington D.C.

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