Scary Figures on HIV in Newborns Disclosed in Dominican Republic

Prensa Latina - An amazing 4.6 percent of an estimated of 208,786 annual births in Dominican Republic carries HIV, according to official sources quoted by media reports.

Considering this problem, the executive director of the National Council for HIV and AIDS, Victor Terrero, called specialized societies and groups of civil society to participate in a national crusade to transform the situation.

In his view, it is necessary to strengthen health promotion, improve delivery of antiretroviral drugs and facilitate the monitoring of patients with treatment.

Methods for preventing the transmission of HIV through the pregnant mother have proven to be effective, stressed terrero, who also suggested raising the quality of medical care.

Dominican Watchdog Note - Doesn't matter what fantacy promotion the Dominican Republic is doing about themselves to atract tourists from around the world, this is not all beautiful beaches and palm trees. The reality in the Domincian Republic is an entire different matter to 95% of the population!!

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