Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf & Spa Reviews From Tripadvisor
Do not waste your money or time in this resort! For the amount of money we paid to stay here, we received nothing! Even coffee in your room isn't covered. Poor showers, constant running toilet, and a malfunctioning air conditioner that poured water into our closet from the ceiling were just some of the "highlights" in our 2 bedroom suite. Never enough glasses in our room to even drink out of! No attention to detail what-so-ever. Outside, the beach towels were ragged, beach chairs torn and in poor condition, not enough people to help assist with moving chairs, etc. I feel there was "misleading advertising" in their website. The Sanctuary is a low budget hotel with 5 star resort prices! It appears this "hotel" was not maintained. Huge broken glass windows covered with plastic on some of the outside areas and an elevator that had a metal-against -metal loud sounda s it went up. No railings along stairs anywhere & uneven brick walkways made it hard for some of the elderly people to walk along. The pool was nice, most of the people were courteous and the food was O.K. The beach is very, very small. The "spa" is a joke. The owners of this place must be laughing all the way to the bank. They take your money up front, and keep adding on once you get there. We had a pre-paid meal plan, which we would never do again. I'll be surprised if this place is still open in 6 months...



Another review from tripadvisor:

Just returned from Sanctuary in Capa Cana with my wife, two kids (12, 9). The Dominican people are the nicest people I have met in all my Caribbean trips. Very helpful, very nice. The Sanctuary is a beautiful hotel. Nice place to go as a couple for three days if you want some peace and quiet, but not a family destination. The place really is deserted. When we were there probably 40 people in the whole hotel. Cap Cana is about a 45 minute $100 taxi ride from any shopping or restaurants off the property. Therefore, you are stuck with exorbitant drink and food prices while you are there. One night we were there the only restaurant open for dinner was the extra pricey steak house, we spent $140 on dinner (two steaks, split a house salad and two glasses of wine a piece.) Room service prices are reasonable though. The Calleton Beach Club by shuttle is where we spent our days, nice beach with a tiki-hut serving food and beer right there. Farallon restaurant at the Trump property was the best restaurant we ate at, best food, best view and surprisingly the best prices. The golf course at Cap Cana was un-be-liev-able!!! In August the greens fee was $150, so I played twice. If you are a golfer, don't miss it. 

All in all, I might go back one day, but it will be a long while. This place has years to go before it's worth the trek. Hope it makes it though, for the nice people that work there.


Dominican Watchdog comment:

We recommend Casa de Campo over Cap Cana. Casa de Campo has been in business for over 30 years. There is nothing to do or see in Cap Cana except for playing the Punta Espada where as Casa de Campo offer many golf courses. Casa de Campo with Altos de Chavon is a much better vacation destination offering lots of activities, stores and restaurants. If looking to buy a holiday home, your investments will also be much safer in Casa de Campo than in Cap Cana. Until today Trump Farallon Estates at Cap Cana has been a complete failure for the 50 investors who bought the initial founders packages for over USD 300M at the hype auction promoted in the name of Donald Trump two years ago.

Troubled Trump projects:


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