Russian, Italian mafias take root, Dominican official warns - Update 2 - Mafia money in Cap Cana - The President’s Adviser on narcotics warned Monday that real mafias are taking root in Dominican Republic, whose society has been neglectful by ignoring their mechanisms and presence, calling the recent executions of local and foreign citizens, their “simple tertiary manifestations.”

Marino Vinicio Castilo said when Russian and Italian mafias buy beach and coastal properties; everyone knows what that’s about. “Those are spaces which they are taking, territories independent of the political, social or economic spaces that they are being charged for, and that’s the dangerous part.”

Interviewed in the Colorvision program Hoy Mimso, the official said that although the battle to eradicate those groups hasn’t been lost, called the social medium’s organic weakness dangerous. “That’s truly dangerous, when they are allowed to enter licit spaces and command situations of their interest and don’t abandon their habits because they are neither saints nor sanctified. Those who think that they’re going to change their nature based on ‘going legit’ are simply mistaken.”

The picture shows a mega mansion outside La Romana where a Russian mafia guy and his family was executed by some of his own people several years ago. The Dominican government took over the estate, which today is operating as a university ever since!


Update 2 - March 23rd, 2011

Authorities after Russian Mafia’s money in tourism region, reports

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.- Intelligence agencies follow the paper trail of the Russian Mafia’s investments in the country’s eastern tourism region and in other areas, to locate and subsequently confiscate them, reports.

It reports that the presence of Russian capos is a fact especially in the East region where underworld scandals have already occurred, including that of two brothers, one of whom was executed gangland style together with his wife in the “Kremlin” style house in Bayahibe, and which is still unsolved.

“The Russian Mafia’s tentacles have arrived in this zone, where some actions linked to drug trafficking and also murders have yet to be clarified, the news source report says.

Russian investments

Current Russian investments include show business figures in Los Corales i Punta Cana and in nearby Cap Cana, which has participated with a delegation of the country in the "Russian–Spanish Safari," hosted by the Tourism Ministry, considered among the top the real estate events in St. Petersburg and Barcelona.


Dominican Watchdog note:

This is interesting! Many will claim that the corrupt killing squads of the National police or military has been involved in most of drug murders. Just look through our 2 year article database! I regards to murders on foreingers many cases are unsolved. One case that have our special interest is the killing of a British woman. How is it possible that this military police officer has not yet been found? British investor murdered in the Dominican Republic


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