Rifle find revives mysterious murder cases
DominicanToday.com - The finding of a rifle and several bullets in the community Sabana Cruz, near the town of Guayubín and which is believed belongs to the kidnappers of Eduardo Antonio Baldera two this years ago, has revived one of the most unclear murder cases in recent history.



The weapon was found in Montecristi (northwest) by two youngsters playing near the zone where police agents killed Cecilio Diaz and Manuel de Jesus Checo in October 2009.

The businessman Marcos Toribio, quoted by news source elcaribe.com.do by phone, said the gun was handed over to the Navy in the area, when at least 100 bullets detonated, drawing the attention of the youngsters who then found the weapon.

Toribio said although the weapon was taken to the military post four days ago, the case is handled mysteriously.

Baldera, the son of a well known moneychanger, was allegedly kidnapped in Nagua (north), and millions were demanded in ransom.

Then National Police chief Rafael Guillermo Guzmán had affirmed that both men died during an alleged exchange of gunfire with agents, version which community residents  denied at all times, whom saw one who was detained and who was apparently, executed later.

The alleged confrontation during Baldera’s rescue took place in Copey, with 32 agents, but Guzman’s version remains unconvincing.

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Other presumed government killings in the DR:

Journalist’s ghost haunts the Dominican Government (Update 2 The family speaks out)

A  source familiar with the investigation affirms that Gonzalez, whose frail health was widely known, died in the hands of authorities, “who were forced to drop his body from a helicopter into the Caribbean,” for which the Government seeks to protect the identities of those involved...... Finally after 17 years, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights will hear the statements of the widow and children of university professor Narciso Gonzalez, "Narcisazo", who disappeared on 26 May 1994.......


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Amnesty International is today urging the authorities in the Dominican Republic to investigate the whereabouts of Juan Almonte Herrera who is believed to have been abducted by anti-kidnapping police officers. Amnesty International is concerned by continuous reports of human rights violations by police and security forces in the Dominican Republic.

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