Ricardo Miranda is a con man according to Prince Albert's former spymaster
Long time Spymaster Robert Eringer and former head of Monaco's intelligence service tells 50 minutes into the broadcast of Januar 14, 2011 that Ricardo Miranda Miret is a con man who have swindled investors in Punta Perla for USD 60 Million. HRH Prince Albert of Monaco should never have promoted the Punta Perla development. If the Prince had done just a little due dilligence he would have learned about the past of Ricardo Miranda Miret who have several failed developments behind him. Prince Albert  is now partly responsiable for the investors loses due to his endorsement of Punta Perla......







In this 2 year old article from the biggest national newspaper in the Dominican Republic you can read about the original promotion of Punta Perla by President Leonel Fernandez and Prince Albert of Monaco. 20,000 jobs would be created, USD 5 Billion invested and the hotel ready in 2009...... Now two years later, not a single word of what they told the newspaper has happened despite the promises made in this article. The President and Prince must have a serious bad taste in their mouth after misleading 500 small investors.

Here are some additional official comments from Punta Perla event....... They are just too funny to read today!!!

Prince Albert II of Monaco, which was considered a project partner, was present, which was her second visit to the country, dressed in color chacabana lemongrass and cream pants, accompanied Fernandez and the president of the company Punta Perla, Spanish Ricardo Miranda, piebald ceremony. "This area is a national beauty," said the Prince in English.
President Fernandez, who arrived by helicopter just the ceremony at 1:00 pm, said the project meets an old dream of theirs, "rather a utopia", which had been harboring since his first government to convert 1996-2000 the Dominican Republic "at the Monaco of the Caribbean.

"What I think is in the power of dreams, the power of utopias. The fact is that I have that holds a hope, a dream and keeps at it, one day becomes a reality. I never thought that by taking this utopia to the Dominican Republic Caribbean Monaco, we would have the Prince of Monaco joining us here today, "said Fernandez.

He said the presence of Prince Albert II ensures that this paradise of the Caribbean Sea to bind to the Mediterranean Sea, and there will be a continuous exchange, a flow of tourists between Monaco and the country and vice versa.


Dominican Watchdog Note:  Despite all the problems in determing which website is the official site.... www.puntaperla.com, www.puntaperla.org or www.puntaperla.com.do, they all open and close and change owners and content on a monthly basis!! Anyway I believe that currently www.puntaperla.com.do is the one Ricardo Miranda controls. However this new official US$ 500 website does not mention a word about Prince Albert of Monaco..... Hilarious !! Ricardo, how can you do a USD 5 Billion development and not control the same domain for just a few months.... your official website has no address, no phone numbers and no contact persons. Do you even have a sales office today? Is it possible to meet you? Please inform me where investors can meet you!!! Who in their right mind would ever belive you can build a marina, 3 golf courses and thousands of homes if you can't keep a simple website and run a sales office?

Read everything about Punta Perla here  - Read more about Robert Eringer from www.eringer33.com

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