Retired generals facing Figueroa case charges sidestep the press - National District prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso yesterday headed four interrogations of two retired Army and Police generals and two ex colonels, for their alleged link with Puerto Rican drug baron Jose Figueroa Agosto.


After questioning the ex senior officers, including the two generals who sidestepped the press, Moscoso said that he doesn’t discard seeking new indictments, including members of the military allegedly involved in Figueroa’s network. “We’re in the preparatory investigation phase."

The first to be questioned was ex colonel Adolfo Sanchez Perez, former assistant director of the Police Joint Information and Coordinator Center (CICC), who arrived in the Prosecutor’s office shortly after 9 a.m. and left at noon.

The interrogations continued with ex Army lieutenant colonel Jose Francisco Fernandez Rodriguez, who was named by Figueroa’s wife Leavy Yadira Nin Batista as the person who provided a National Investigations Department card to the then Puerto Rican fugitive.

Near noon arrived the ex North Region Police director, general Luis Darío De la Cruz Consuegra, who left at 3 p.m. through a side corridor to avoid the press, the same move done by the last to be questioned, retired general Jose Luis Dominguez Castillo, ex Electoral Police director in 2009, who arrived at 3 p.m.


U.S. Embassy cable: Dominican authorities "bungled" major drug case

On Thursday night news source SIN revealed a December 30, 2009, WikiLeaks cable from the United States Embassy in Dominican Republic, in which the diplomats suspect that Puerto Rican murder convict Jose Figueroa Agosto was allowed to escape, and stresses that society’s perception is that drug trafficking had infiltrated the justice system and the Police.

The cable has facts known by Dominican society and chronicles Figueroa’s drug trafficking and money laundering case almost entirely, but not the U.S. Embassy’s observations, sent to Washington by Christopher Lambert, then Commercial Attaché, who was the acting ambassador prior to Raul Yzaguirre’s arrival.

The cable’s final paragraph: 9. (SBU) COMMENT: The totality of the case of Figueroa-Sobeida-Mary and now Gonzalez, has been a public relations disaster  for the police and judicial agencies, from the bungled (deliberately? ) first arrest attempt, until the release of Sobeida on bail and her disappearance, to the circus in press media which involves Peláez, and the possible complicity of the Justice Ministry when bringing to light the apparent cooperation by González with the authorities, even the involvement, it has been said, of at least two colonels of the unit antinarcotics in Gonzalez’s murder. From one incident to the other, the topic has reaffirmed the public’s perception that which the judicial sector, the Public Ministry and the police are plagued with the corruption of drug trafficking.

This has a healthy effect however, in creating an intense public pressure so that a detailed investigation on the part of legitimate authorities is carried out that could be in the identification, removal and perhaps even the prosecution of the corrupt authorities. The embassy will continue to follow up on this investigation and will report on its development. LAMBERT.


Dominican Watchdog Note: This is not the first generals, we are only seeing the "top of the iceberg". The drug trade has infiltrated the military, police and justice system just like in Mexico. It's the corruption of the government under President Leonel which has resulted in the Dominican Republic being one of the major distribution points to the world. The DR will soon be a very unsafe place for both tourists and the general population when the drug cartels get more power.

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