Remember this story, Leonel picked up corrupt president in Honduras, now the result

TSC Audit Shows Zelayas Misused Public Funds - The Superior Tribunal for Accounts (TSC) -- Honduras' equivalent to the United States' Government Accountability Office (GAO) -- has completed an audit (No. 009-2009-DASSJ) of spending under the government of President Manuel Zelaya (2006-2009). The TSC audit determined that Mr. Zelaya and his wife, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, improperly spent a total of Lps 643,728 (US$33,880) in public funds on cigars, horses, and jewelry -- items considered to be of a personal nature. Approximately Lps 172,262 (US$9,066) was spent to build stables for three of Mr. Zelaya's horses -- Café, Fantasma, and Ostentosa -- and care for them, as well as purchase saddles for them and tires for a horse trailer. One Spanish saddle was purchased for Lps 10,600 (US$558). A total of Lps 50,993 (US$2,684) was spent on horse transportation costs during a visit to Nicaragua. The expense was justified as a "special mission".


A check for Lps 57,082 (US$3,004) was issued to a man by the name of Aldo Asfura to care for Mr. Zelaya's horses for a period of four months. Another Lps 20,000 (US$1,053) was paid to a Nelson Arriaza for "attention and care or the horses" during the month of May. Some Lps 7,800 (US$410) was used to buy tires for a trailer to transport the horses.

The TSC audit further found that the Office of the First Lady issued a check for Lps 14,500 (US$763) to purchase a white dress suit and two Tahari dress suits for Mrs. Zelaya. Another Lps 115,973 (US$6,104) was spent on trip accessories for "Mel", including luggage, suit bags, and boot bags. Some Lps 30,289 (US$1,594) went toward the purchase of suits for Mr. Zelaya.

The audit listed Lps 210,046 (US$11,055) to buy jewelry -- including gold, silver and diamonds -- for personal use and decorative pieces such as crystal. Also listed were purchases of wedding presents. According to the audit, "The receipts detail the purchase of a gold Omega watch, necklaces, chains, earrings, and medals, but there is no record of for whom the items were bought. One receipt does read: "Jorge, charge it to the Ministry, take the jewelry to Catacamas Silvia." Mr. and Mrs. Zelaya apparently gave themselves each a Bulova watch. Without indicating for what purpose, Mrs. Zelaya bought chains, necklaces, chokers, cufflinks, rings, lace, and a letter opener.

With Lps 33,387 (US$1,757) of the public's money, Mr. Zelaya bought for his wife a ring, earrings, bracelets, an Omega watch, and a choker for her birthdays.

Then there was the Lps 100,655 (US$5,298) in state funds for the purchase of cigars. One note written by Mr. Zelaya's Chief of Staff, Jacobo Lagos, read: "Nolvia, buy the best quality, the last ones made me hoarse, Jacobo." (5/22/12)


Dominican Watchdog Note | Give me a F...... break, what kind of bs is this!! USD 33,800 is nothing more than an accounting error for a presidential office!! Nobody is going to believe that Leonel Fernandez fueled his private jet to come over and safe the life of Zelaynes, taking him to Casa de Campo and playing host for him for more than a year for less than it cost to pick him up!!!

Who ever believe this story need to ask his school money back!!

REMEMBER: Ex-president Zelaya was exited at gun point and could have been jailed for life. And just the life sized statue of Zelaya cost probably cost more than USD 33,800!!

Here is the original article and updates, That's what happened!!!

When will Ex Honduran Presidents exile in Casa de Campo end(Update 3)?


The result: Safely in Casa de Campo, Zelaya managed to strike a deal preventing him from going to jail when returning to his native country. We can only guess what is cost him. Leonel has probably been looked after too, now that Zelaya can access his bank accounts again!! This is how these Latin boys take care of each other when the shit hits the fan......


Much more about Leonel "black side" activities here

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