Questions to HRH Prince Albert of Monaco about his involvement in Punta Perla DR


Mr Director, CHANTRAIT François

Ms sub Director, COTTALORDA Céline

Responsible of PR, RAVERA Chantal

For the attention of the His Royal Highness, Prince Albert of Monaco.

The Royal Palace, 
- Monte Carlo, Monaco -

Dominican Watchdog
has the following questions to HRH Prince Albert of Monaco;

1. What exactly are the conditions under which HRH have dedicated your Majesty to the Punta Perla project?

  • Have HRH received any emolument for joining the highly questionable group of business people involved in Punta Perla?
  • If not, then why have HRH consecrated the Punta Perla project when there are much better business opportunities in the DR?
  • How much is HRH planning to invest in Punta Perla?
  • Have the financial counselor to HRH looked at investing in Cap Cana located nearby?
    That project is extremely financially distressed but innumerable years ahead of Punta Perla.
     Cap Cana have already spend an enormous amount of money on infrastructures that no Dominican resort would be capable  of today.
  • A person of your status your Highness would be able to make "The Deal Of The Year" with the owners of Cap Cana, saving most of the USD 500M needed just for infrastructures in Punta Perla. Have your Majesty tried to negotiation with Cap Cana?

2. How much do HRH expect to profit from the Punta Perla project and when?

3. Are HRH aware of all the unsuccessful projects behind Mr Ricardo Miranda; Estapona Beach & Country Club & Taffedna Bay in Morocco?

4. Are HRH aware of the ongoing Serious Fraud Office investigation into Oceanview Properties International LTD also involved in Punta Perla ?

Sorry for bringing these abhorrent questions to your urgent attention your Highness, however I'm not sure if HRH Prince Albert of Monaco are aware of the group of people with whom the Honorable Prince have associated himself.

Please also read Dominican Watchdog's letter to Ms Eva Sotres, responsiable of Punta Perla investors realtions -

Here is my recent press release about fraud in the Dominican Republic -

Soncerely Yours,

Jan Vistisen
- a nonprofit consumer protection agency

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