Puerto Plata is DEAD, Largest hotel chain RIU desperate to sell their mega complex
(caribjournal.com) -  A group of RIU hotel properties in the Dominican Republic area of Puerto Plata is being put on the market for $95.4 million. Miami-based real estate brokerage Fortune International’s FGD Group has the listing on the property, which includes 1,590 rooms across three hotels.


FGD’s Fabian Garcia-Diaz has the listing.

“They have a fantastic location, with exposure to the major highway, and just 20 minutes from Puerto Plata International Airport,” Garcia said. “The property has frontage on the ocean, but, most interestingly, in the back of the resort, there are beautiful hills and mountains — it’s just a really blessed location of low hills, mountains and beach.”

The properties include the Riu Bachata and the Riu Merengue and the Riu Mambo in Puerto Plata. They also feature a casino. “[Riu] acquired a much larger [Riu Plaza] project in New York, which is demanding an enormous amount of cash to redo,” Garcia said. “So they were downsizing some of their positions in the Caribbean, and they chose to put three hotels in Puerto Plata on the market.”

Spain-based Riu could not be reached for comment.

“Right now, we have had some response and feedback from a few South American chains, a couple of American chains and one major chain from Europe,” Garcia said.

The property will be sold unbranded.

“That’s the beauty of the offering,” he said.

Dominican Watchdog Note: This is pure bullshit from the estate agent, the fact is that Puerto Plata is DEAD and everybody knows that, just read below!!! More than 50% of all business related to tourism has closed in recent years and that's the reason for the sale!!

RIU trouble started here: Infected Canadian vacationers win class-action suit after staying at RIU Puerto Plata


Here is the real situation from Dominican Today:

For tourists to return, Puerto Plata had better adopt a “code” 

19 SEP 2012 - Despite the voices of doom and gloom over Puerto Plata’s tourism future, the Dominican Government wagers on a "boom" as that province has never seen, but with a “sort of code” of conduct.

Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia affirms that the forecast boom will be even greater than during the area’s hotels best period, and will come hand in hand with the millions in investments he says are imminent.

The official, speaking in a tourism fair in Paris, said the thrust will be the result of the joint promotion by the government and the private sector, starting with the around 400,000 cruise passengers which he affirms will be visiting Puerto Plata within two years, to Carnival Cruises terminal, whose construction starts in around 20 days.

"Now, while these cruisers arrive we will work on an awareness and education campaign and an agreement on a sort of code by all sectors so that when they get all those tourists and cruise passengers, not have a repeat of the problems again which occurred 25 years ago and resulted in Puerto Plata’s losing the cruise ship visits, which hadn’t  returned until now."

Dominican Watchdog Note: Francisco Javier Garcia is nothing a dream machine, it takes more than a cruise visit to change PP downfall, it has been "run down" for the past 10 years and most of that time Leonel Fernandez was president!!


Deputy: To revive Puerto Plata’s tourism it’s people need to change

22 AUG 2012 - Deputy Jose Ignacio Paliza said it’s necessary to revive Puerto Plata’s tourism combining infrastructure improvements, empowerment and more ads abroad, to attract more visitors.

The opposition PRD party lawmaker said though the north coast was once a standard for the country and the Caribbean with as many as 800,000 tourists per year, as high as 80 percent of its hotels are now shuttered.

He said it’s regretful that for many reasons only 230,000 passengers landed at Puerto Plata’s airport last year. "70 to 80% of the hotels are closed. The development of second homes which had flourished in Sosúa and Cabarete has declined due to the global economic crisis."

Interviewed by Pablo McKinney on CDN, Paliza acknowledged president Leonel Fernandez Administration’s effort to rebuild Puerto Plata’s infrastructure aimed jump starting tourism in the area, noting however that there’re more ways to mobilize visitor arrivals.

“Puerto Plata’s fundamental problem is to understand that in its relaunch, the model must obviously change and greater efforts must be made, more than the simple revamp of a park or a road.”

He admitted that among the key factors which stemmed the flow of tourism were the people, the “puertoplateños” themselves. “We have to empower the puertoplateño to understand that a bellboy’s smile at the hotel entrance is more important than the standard of the room itself."

The lawmaker also said the system needs to be organized so that all taxi drivers are identified.

Paliza added that while Dominican Republic spends only US$20.0 million to promote the country abroad, “Jamaica invests US$80 million and Mexico US$500 million."


More than 2 years ago Business leaders was already warning about the decline of tourism in Puerto Plata and today we see the result. RIU is trying to dump their mega complex and more hotel owners will follow. The problem is that Puerto Plata has nothing to offer tourists today and the local people themselves are responsiable due to bad behavior and lack of education!!


Business leader warns of Puerto Plata’s tourism decline


15 JUN 2012 - Tourism business leader Jose Polanco said Monday that 50 percent of the businesses related to tourism have closed their doors due to the crisis he said affects the province.

He said the decline is evident despite that tourism was the base of the local economy just a few years ago, and which together with the rest of the North region contributed 51 percent of its currency income. “As the years pass we see tourism’s setback in this region, to the point that 50 percent of the businesses related to tourism has had to close their doors."

Polanco listed hotels, bars, gift shops, handicrafts, transport companies among the businesses he said no longer operate in Puerto Plata, Sosúa and Costámbar.

He complained that the latest administrations haven’t placed the necessary importance on Puerto Plata and demanded that a Tourism Ministry policy to recover that industry.

Polanco said the crisis also affects real estate tourism, with large numbers of foreigners who buy houses and lots, and called for the construction of a modern cruise ship and freight terminals in the local port, to invigorate the local economy.


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