Presidential helicopter used for drug transports in Dom Rep
The truth will prevail, even for a President - What exactly does Leonel Fernandez know about the government agencies behind the drug trade in his country? 3 years ago the former chopper pilot for the Fanjul sugar barons went on to work for the President. Lieutenant colonel Harold Manzano transported drugs in the Presidential helicopter and was forced into retirement - No jail time at all!! The other parties got 10 years but last week the judge tried to alter the sentence to 10 months and hell broke lose......



This week,

Top official rails Chief Justice over narcotics case

October 10, 2011 - Domingo. – Presidency Antinarcotics adviser Marino Vinicio Castillo on Monday railed the Supreme Court which in his view “hasn’t been a paradigm nor guide in Dominican Republic’s war on drugs,” in relation to the case of fired judge Francisco Mejía Angomas, who ordered the release of two convicted drug traffickers by placing “10 months” in the court papers, instead  of their 10 year conviction.

The official, speaking about the case of the Manzano Garcia brothers, arrested in a makeshift runway near a Barahona cane field two years ago, said the judge who ordered his release couldn’t have taken on that responsibility on his own. “In my opinion, for Mejía Angomas to proceed in that direction, he had to obtain some type of orientation from the Supreme Court to take that monstrous decision.”

“I spoke with the then Chief of the Air Force who told be that the two were brothers of the pilot of the presidential helicopter. I told him that that helicopter was involved in drugs, he then told me that a small plane caught with that helicopter in a cane field in Neiba, near Barahona, didn’t belong to the government, but they were arrested, brought to the capital, but we were warned that it could’ve been a shipment of heroine,” Castillo said.

“To my surprise the Neiba court rules 10 years in jail against the pilots, then a Barahona court upheld the ruling, then it comes to the Supreme Court. The prosecutor of Montecristi calls his par in Neiba. But the San Cristobal judge decided it was 10 months,” he said.

Castillo, interviewed by Cesar Medina on Channel 9, also revealed that the government pilot, whose name he didn’t provide, was suspended and then placed on retirement. “The two brothers jailed are the brothers of one of the President’s pilot. The chopper landed in the Malecon heliport and the drug was apparently offloaded but once at the San Isidro Airbase, it was searched and drug residue was found.”


 Background story from October 8, 2008

 “Mysterious” landing linked to ex pilot of Dominican President’s chopper

Dominican Today has learned that while the National Palace on Monday confirmed the firing of lieutenant colonel Harold Manzano, who “occasionally” piloted the presidential helicopter, the ex officer was involved in a “mysterious” landing of a small plane and a chopper on an unguarded airstrip near Barahona (southwest) Monday, September 27.

Manzano, an ex U.S. Marine, was formerly a staff pilot for the Central Romana Corporation (= Fanjul Brothers Casa de Campo)

The source said the Police tried to prevent the two aircraft from taking off from the airstrip near the sugar mill Central Barahona, and that there was a pickup truck reported used by Manzno to refuel aircraft operated privately. “The plane took off but was forced to land nearby,” the source said, adding that the chopper managed to escape.

No other details were provided as to the whereabouts of the plane, described as “experimental.”

“From time to time he (Manzano) piloted the helicopter in which the President of the Republic traveled,” said the Presidency’s Press director Rafael Núñez, whereas Dominican Air Force chief of staff Carlos Rafael Altuna Tezanos said he wasn’t a member of that branch.

On Tuesday the Army said Manzano was discharged for frequently leaving the country without permission (AWOL).

Reader comments from DominicanToday to the two articles:

Written by: palitodecoco, 11 Oct 2008 3:40 PM
From: Dominican Republic
I have known Harold for a little over 20 Years, and with this my intension is not to excuse him or say that he didn't do what is already written, BUT, knowing our country and the way it works if it’s true what is being said about the landing, believe me that it came out to everybody’s attention because somebody else higher on the scale was getting to close to be caught. It is very easy to start talking crap about something that somebody else is saying or writing or simply about someone that one doesn’t know. If we really want to accuse the pilot, fine, lets also ask the people who he works for. Just think about it, someone that sits so close to the president of a country for at least 1 hour a week is not going to be investigated before given and during the job to him.
Written by: palitodecoco, 11 Oct 2008 3:41 PM 
From: Dominican Republic

Harold worked for the most powerful industrial company in the country as the trust helicopter, and jet pilot for the president of that company, after that because of employment discrepancy he was let go with high recommendation, and became aviation director of the most powerful bank in the country. three quarters of the helicopters flying in the Dominican sky where brought over to the country by Harold, I can assure that the guy has a lot more relations in the country's upper scale class than to be refueling illegal aircrafts. Just have someone check on the flightlog of most of the helicopters in the country and you will find out that Harold has flown on most of them.

I could spend a whole afternoon writing about this guy but I’m going to finish with these: If Harold is found guilty, them let him pay, but don't stop searching there, if you look a little deeper you might find the real big fish.


Written by: RobertoJose, 10 Oct 2011 11:33 AM
From: United States, FREEPORT, Long Island....Eeeeazzy !! (He who is SILENT, IS understood to CONSENT)
Incredible!!! Once again a presidential pilot / employee is associated with drug dealing, what ever happened to the pilot flying in with leonel 13yrs ago that was recorded having 2kilos of the white stuff.

Written by: RobertoJose, 10 Oct 2011 11:41 AM
From: United States, FREEPORT, Long Island....Eeeeazzy !! (He who is SILENT, IS understood to CONSENT)
Too many clues pointing to an investigation into leonel and nothing is done.


1. Personal pilot with 2 kilos
2. Presidential bodyguard deported from NYC for dealing crack
3. Wrongfully allocating 500 million USD supposed to be used to pay-off electrical debt 2yrs ago, which still lingers
4. Accused of being part of a corporation that was used to defraud Europe's citizens
5. Real estate business partner is in jail for personally delivering 1200kilo's of the powdered stuff
6. Revealed that leonel was taking lube money on a construction project
7. Presidential transport adviser was discovered having an illegal transformer use for the thievery of electricity and used STRONG ARM TACTICS to prevent the removal of said equipment.
8. Leonel has proved countless times that his words, handshake and his signature aren't worth a pot to piss in. ( Con Artist Style)


Dominican Watchdog note: One must be stupid not to be able to look through this and the only question left is of course, How much does the President know and how did he become a multi milionaire? Follow the link


Read also: Leaked WIKI cable: Leonel Fernandez feared the generals, many involved in drugs!


Read more: Largest Caribbean drug case points to high level corruption in Dominican Republic


President promoted drug dealer: Real estate boom or money laundering in Dominican Republic


Picture one below: Presidency Antinarcotics adviser Marino Vinicio Castillo (The poor Marino must have a hard job around these morons. Under Leonel Fernandez drugs are floating through the Dominican Republic like never before)

Picture two below: Presidential pilot, Lieutenant colonel Harold Manzano

Picture three below: The drug dealer Edwin Manzano Garcia

Picture four below: The corrupt judge Francisco Mejia Angomas

Picture five below: The Presidential helicopter belongs to the Dominican Airforce.

From WiKipedia>

Bell 430  United States utility helicopter   1 on loan for Presidential Transport
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