Police see murdered lawyer linked to Puerto Rican kingpin
DominicanToday.com - The lawyer Jose Antonio Evangelista gunned down Wednesday was the first legal defender for Mary Peláez in the trial on money laundering for Puerto Rican kingpin Jose D. Figueroa Agosto, in which she was sent spend 15 years in prison.

He had also represented the murder victim Alfredo Rodriguez (Niño Pata Corta), and Pascual Jesus Cabrera, both suspected of drug trafficking in La Romana. He was also the lawyer of the Spanish ex consul who had filed charges against to Francisco Alberto Carela Castro, now being held for extortion with video tapes secretly recorded in motel rooms.

Evangelista traveled frequently to Panama, among his last trips in 2010, when he went there seven times, spending as many as seven days at a time.

The gangland style murder and the number of shots fired have led authorities to believe it is linked to the slayings of Omar Antigua Polanco, colonel Jose A. González and Rubén Soto Hayet, all linked to Figueroa Agosto.

Investigative commission

Justice minister Radhamés Jiménez called the case a challenge for the authorities and announced the designation of an investigative commission to investigate, while the National Police revealed that it found a burned vehicle in the East region similar to the one used by the gunmen.

Evangelista’s body had four bullet wounds, although the authorities found 28 shells at the scene of the crime, the Plaza ATH on the busy thoroughfare, 27 de Febrero, in Piantini.

Even worse news from DR:

Study reveals 2,000 women murdered in eleven years

Family violence continues to reach outrageous numbers and moving to the point that in the past 11 years, some 2095 women, mostly mothers of families have been brutally murdered in the Dominican Republic and more than 7400 children orphaned. Similarly, 698 men have taken their lives since 2000 to date after having taken the lives of their partners or former partners, while the number of women with severe injuries, severe or mild violence victims of their jealous husbands or former husbands amounted to 18869 in the same period, according to an investigation of the journalist, former legislator and government official, Fausto Araujo.... read original article


Asset laundering creates inflationary bubble

National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso has called for reforms in national and international policies for the prevention and prosecution of money laundering. She said that organized crime has no borders, as reported in Listin Diario. Reynoso was speaking on How Asset Laundering Affects the Country during the Third Bancamerica Anti-Laundering Conference held at the Hilton Hotel in Santo Domingo.

The conference focused on how asset laundering affects the country. In her address, Reynoso said that free trade treaties, technology and the opening of markets and ports have also helped asset laundering. She added that the money is laundered in real estate, banking and in the purchase of award-winning lottery tickets.

Reynoso said that asset laundering creates an inflationary bubble that gives the misleading appearance of economic growth that really does not exist, as reported in Hoy. She explained that this is why you see high rises and so many luxury vehicles in the cities, when most of society perceives there is a high level of social inequality. She called for the authorities to see asset laundering with new vision. She mentioned that many government officials consider asset laundering to be good because it creates jobs. But she reminded the audience that it also brings an increase in violence, contract killings, and political and democratic instability.

Reynoso also addressed the legalization of drugs in Latin America. She said it was a very complex problem, and that countries in Latin America are not prepared for decriminalization.

She sees it as a public health problem, with consequential collateral crimes. She mentioned that in many cases, gender violence occurs when men act under the influence of drugs.



Dominican Watchdog Note | Crimes are out of control in the Dominican Republic. Women, lawyers or tourists, at least one of them is killed every week in the Dominican Republic. There simply is no respect for human life, laws and civilized values of any kind since Leonel became president!! Apart from a few sandy beaches the DR is all about drugs, corruption and dirty money. A true Banana Republic which can easily compete with the worst parts of Africa. Leonel, there is NOTHING to be proud of when you leave office!!!

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