Police nab highway robbers preyed on travelers from abroad (Update 2) RELEASED!!!!
DominicanToday.com - The Police on Sunday arrested five alleged highway robbers and looks for six others who preyed on travelers who arrived in the country through Las Americas International airport, from where they were followed and assaulted in isolated zones.

Jose Francisco de Leon (Kiko), Ramon A. Liriano (Kikito), Valentin Soriano, Rafael A. Coronado, and Jonathan Contreras Martinez (Pegy) were arrested and two vehicles allegedly used in the holdups of the victims were seized, among other evidence.

The police said it looks for the others known only as Caco de Vaca (Cow Thief), Bryan, Jensy, Mello 1, Mello 2 and Moreno.

The police said the gang members intercepted their victims under threats with guns more than five times, and then stole precious articles, money, luggage and personal documents.

The Police revealed that Yvelisse Jose Gerge and Roxanna Rivera were assaulted in January at the condo Torre del Sol, on Bolivar avenue, by two men on a motorcycle, carrying guns, took their purses, cash and jewelry.


Update 2 - Gang of highway robbers’ release gets two DAs in hot water

Domingo.- National District prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso yesterday ordered an investigation of two Assistant DAs for releasing five alleged highway robbers who assaulted people who arrived in the country through the Las International Americas Airport.

Assistant DAs Héctor Romero and Caris Keyla Peña, assigned to the Office of the Prosecutor’s Larceny Department, released the accused Jose Francisco de Leon (Kiko), Ramon Antonio Liriano (Kikito), Valentin Soriano Garabito, Rafael Coronado Concepción and Jonathan Contreras (Pegy), who the victims, Listin Diario reporter Rosanna Rivera, and Yvelisse Jose George affirm were assaulted by them.

Rivera said their release astonished her, despite that she had personally identified them in a lineup at Police Headquarters, and even after Romero himself returned the cell phone taken from her.

Police Criminal Investigations agents arrested the five suspects and look for six others for the alleged holdups of around 20 arriving travelers.

Many people say the case of the group of attackers concerns them and rebuke their release, despite good police work to manage the arrests.


Dominican Watchdog Note:

So after a few days in jail they were released and now they can continue to attack tourists arriving to the Dominican Republic. I just wonder if there is any part of the legal system in the DR that works, since there is also no funds to prosecute corruption. Maybe if tourists stay away from the DR they will feel the importance of protecting them. Cuba is doing a tremendous job in protecting the tourists visiting them.


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