Dominican police confirm killers were former agents
The Chief of the National Police has confirmed that the killers of a retired captain in the Air Force and his family were former members of the Police who had been dishonorably dismissed from the force last year and sent to the Justice Department on armed robbery charges. Both Modesto Esmerling Gonzalez Quezada (Blondy) and Esterling Reynoso Rosario (El Chino) were identified by local business owners as the assailants who had committed armed robberies at their stores last year. Both men admitted the killing of the former captain, his wife and his stepson. According to El Nuevo Diario, the Police also arrested Esmil Diaz Perdomo (El Menor) who hired the pistol used in the killing, and Alfredo Sanchez Mordan (El Bronco) who stored the weapon after the triple homicide.

A Santo Domingo judge remanded Modesto Esmerling Gonzalez and Esterling Reynoso Rosario to one year preventive custody and Esmil Diaz and Alfredo Sanchez received three months preventive custody orders to be served at La Victoria jail in the murder of Luis Alfonso Herasme Tejera, his wife Kirssy Joscelin Rodriguez and his stepson Carlos Miguel Rodriguez on Saturday in eastern Santo Domingo.




SCJ authorizes extradition of two Dominicans

The Dominican Republic is no longer a haven for Dominican criminals trying to evade justice in the United States. On Monday, 14 May the Second Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) ordered the extradition of two Dominicans who are facing charges of drug trafficking and homicide. Magistrate Miriam German Brito ordered the extradition of Jose Antonio Contreras Reyes, who is wanted on drug trafficking charges and Angel Guridy, who is charged with killing a Dominican woman and is implicated in other homicides and rapes.

Dominican Watchdog Note | In the upcoming election Dominican citizens are worried about the crime levels in the DR according to article from below. And they should be as the above article and 1000 other articles on this website shows. So should tourists: WARNING! Too many tourists & foreign investors are killed in Dominican Republic - Body Count: 16, Who is next? Canadian civil war world blogger calls DR the world's most dangerous country!


Safety and unemployment on the minds of voters

The Greenberg-Diario Libre poll taken on 2-7 May with 1,022 people of voting age shows that both personal safety issues as well as unemployment are hot topics into these elections. A plurality of Dominicans (49%) feels that the country is going in the wrong direction. For many, the increase in both crime and unemployment is the principal reason for this lack of satisfaction.

Crime, as the principal concern, has increased four points, to 55%, since the Greenberg-Diario Libre poll last March, and unemployment has gone up seven points to 45%.

As is often the case, there is a gender division. Women are more worried about crime (57% say it is their major worry, up three points since the beginning of March), while men are more focused on unemployment (up 10 points to 49%). Young men are even more worried about unemployment: 59% mention it as their principal worry, up 9%). This gap has political implications.

Although PLD candidate Danilo Medina has a five-point advantage over Hipolito Mejia (51% for Danilo to 46% for Hipolito), among voters most worried over the issue of unemployment, Mejia has an advantage of five points.


A Haitian govt official was attacked while visiting Dominican Republic (UPDATE)

"Dangerous DR" - A presidential adviser says that the government minister Daniel Supplice was attacked while visiting DR. Four members of the Dominican police force robbed Supplice and his family Thursday Update - The policeman and several others arrested for the hold-up....... In Cabarete a few days before 6 tourists were robbed at gun point within meters of their hotel....


Security warning: Crime at Dominican Republic airports


Passengers and flight crews are warned to be vigilant at the Dominican Republic’s major airports following a spate of criminal incidents, a special report by a Houston-based security company. Apart from many murders of tourists there are "continuing reports" of thefts targeting tourists in taxis and other vehicles en route from the airport to their hotel......

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