Personal favors, President Leonel promotes more generals - President Leonel Fernandez Tuesday night promoted 10 Army and Air Force colonels to the rank of brigadier general, and a Navy captain to rear admiral, as part of the changes in the military branches.

The promotions come despite rebuke by wide sectors of society to the excessive number of generals and admirals, which in proportion to the population, surpass all countries.

Via decree the chief executive also designated Pedro Antonio Cáceres as Army Chief of Staff, replacing Carlos Alberto Rivera, and Gilberto Delgado Valdez, chief of the Air Force, replacing Israel Aníbal Diaz.

President Leonel Fernandez on Wednesday continued to promote colonels to the rank of general via decree, adding seven more to Tuesday’s group of 12 new brigadiers and one rear admiral.

Police colonels Juana Francisca Campusano, Francisco Romer Lopez, Pablo Almonte Robert Morals, Orinson Minaya, Aquino Radhamés Reynoso, Luduing Miguel Correa and Neivi Luis Perez Sanchez were promoted to general, via Decree 485-11 disclosed today.

The promotions have surprised wide sectors of the population, given Fernandez’s own admission that there were too many generals in the armed services and the National Police.


Dominican Watcjdpg Note: This is just another form of corruption because soon the generals will be retired and enjoy the highest possible lifetime pension the Dominican Republic has to offer! Some will even get bodyguards and drivers all paid by the the state of poor people. Leonel is doing this now "as favors" since we are coming into his last year as President.

There might also be another reason for this: In this extreme corrupt government under Leonel, and with all the military personal invloved in the driúg trade the President might also have done this to protect certain people from prosecution.

Where did Leonel get all his millions from..... Was the military helping him?

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