PeTA Urge Dominican Republic Officials to Stop Poisoning Dogs
Dominican Republic news sources and animal advocates report that the country's National Anti-Rabies Center has authorized public officials to set out poison to kill homeless animals! Poisoning animals is extremely cruel, as poisons cause nausea, convulsions, vomiting, heart failure, renal failure, and a variety of other reactions that result in horrible suffering and a slow, painful death. In fact, citizens in the Dominican Republic have reported to PETA that the poison used has caused dogs' organs to explode! Poisoning is also indiscriminate and can affect wildlife and companion animals. Furthermore, news sources report that officials have left hundreds of carcasses of poisoned dogs on the street to rot, resulting in a public health hazard.

Please take action now to end this cruelty by contacting the National Anti-Rabies Center and other government officials in the Dominican Republic. Demand that officials stop poisoning homeless animals and immediately remove any poison that is already in place. Ask that officials work with animal protection organizations to develop a humane control plan.


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