Oxfam says that food and farming are at risk in the Dominican Republic

Oxfam study urges attention to farming

DR1.com - Reporting on findings in a recent analysis of government spending, international development agency Oxfam says that budget allocations to farming show that the political class gives little importance to the sector. Intermon Oxfam said that the DR-CAFTA free trade agreement has ruined national producers.

"In the 1980s, the government spent 14.1% of all revenues in farming. In the 1990s, spending had declined to 9.6%. But in the past decade, the government spent less than 5%," says the report.

Intermon Oxfam says that food and farming are at risk in the Dominican Republic.

"Decades of negligence in farming has resulted in the situation the country is in with few alternatives for replacing expensive imports with domestic production or making the most of high food prices abroad and stimulating farm exports and rural employment," concludes the report, produced for the Crece campaign. According to Intermon Oxfam, indiscriminate imports are not only affecting producers, but also the final consumer who is hard pressed to pay for the goods.

The report says that for the period 2007-2010 when the DR-CAFTA has been implemented, food imports from the US increased four times more than local production, which means that local products are being displaced. "And that is only the beginning of the markets opening," warned the organization. The report says that former small farmers have migrated to the cities, and the remaining farms only survive today by importing low- cost labor. "It is about the poor hiring the destitute," say the experts.

Intermon Oxfam urges the government to spend on farming to increase and modernize irrigation capacity, adding that the improvement of access roads was urgent, as well as access to credit, which has always been a key obstacle to farm development.

The organization forecast that food prices would continue to rise, projecting increases of 120-180% by 2030.

In the Dominican Republic, for many years farmers in the San Jose de Ocoa agriculture area have been calling for the repair of the key highway to the mountain area. Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Works signed a commitment to repair the 39 critical points after years of delays.

See http://intermonoxfam.org/es/campanas/proyectos/crece




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This week US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agriculture Specialists stationed in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands found various actionable pests within commercial consignments of cut flowers, sweet potatoes, chayote, coconuts, celery and Persian limes, imported from Colombia, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.......



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The study, which focused on harvests of cacao, coffee, fresh fruits and Oriental  vegetables, oregano, cassava and casaba, said the consequences from the use of toxic pesticides includes health  risks for the consumers, including cancer.......




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If the excessive use of pesticides on crops in the country’s Oriental vegetable exports isn’t solved, Dominican Republic risks losing the European market, warned the European Union’s ACP Policies Adviser for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Highly toxic pesticides used in the Dominican Republic..!!.....




Dominican Watchdog Note: The next story is not connected to the above except that it ran on the same day and support the fact that Leonel has failed as President in all important areas and specially in regards to the poor part of the population. In reality the only thing Leonel has done is to borrow billions of dollars from IMF and others to start "white elephant" projects not needed in order to generate kick-backs of millions of dollars to his corrupt government officials. And worse, now his wife Margarita Cedeno Fernandez is officially running as VP after she was denied to run for President. What a joke the Fernandez are! Leonel did nothing for 12 years, what could his wife possibly change..... maybe helping the poor woman below?


Woman with dead fetus in uterus begs doctors to help

DominicanToday.com - A woman complained Friday that she has been carrying a dead fetus in her uterus for four days but has been refused treatment in the local hospital. Sileni Alvarez said fears dying from infection since two checkups conducted in the Leopoldo Martinez hospital reveal that the fetus has been decomposing. “They don’t pay any attention to me and I’m afraid of dying and leaving two children orphaned.” And despite that the young woman showed sonic tests that certify the fetus’ death and begged the doctors not to let her die, she has yet to be hospitalized, reports newspaper El Nuevo Diario.

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