Official had best ‘shut his mouth’ to hide another Dominican Government scandal  – “What’s best for him is to shut his mouth, to hit the brakes, because there are keys that if he plays them it won’t go well for him,” today warned Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD) director Héctor Rodriguez Pimentel to his par Hydraulic Resources Institute (INDRHI) Frank Rodriguez.

The recent scandal pits Rodriguez, and Rodriguez Pimentel, ex head of the INDRHI, over the latter’s use of RD$12 million from that agency’s Co-op, when he headed until August 16.

Rodriguez Pimentel had questioned Frank Rodriguez’s release of the information regarding the Co-op’s money, accusing him of “speaking as if he weren’t an official of this government, and who to that less he agrees to him to be making questionings is to him.

“Don’t play that key. The State is a continuity, this Administration has been in office barely one year, any supplier who’s owed by the agency (INDRHI) can be sure that they are going to get paid…it seems that Frank thinks there was a changed of Government,” he said.

Rodriguez Pimentel said he’s replaced Frank Rodriguez on two occasions, first in the INDR“What’s best for him is to shut his mouth HI and now in the IAD, and he’s never spoken of things Frank Rodriguez did, so, “what’s best for him is to shut his mouth.”

The current (IAD) director was also involved in a scandal when he was general consul in Haiti during the Hipolito Mejia Presidency (2000-2004).

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