Ocean World Puerto Plata in US$ 30 Million lawsuit over dolphins
The article makes a threat of a lawsuit against Mr. Makili and Earth Island. On what grounds? Because we speak out against the enslavement of dolphins? Because they may be denied the profits of taking public dolphins and selling them as if they owned them?

The article mentions a US lawsuit against us, and this is correct. Earth Island opposed the import of twelve dolphins caught in the infamous and bloody dolphin drive hunts in Taiji, Japan (as depicted in the Academy Award-winning documentary, The Cove). The Dominican Republic government agreed with us and stopped the import.

The importer is Ocean World Casino, and they have filed a lawsuit against Earth Island for $30 million, just because we defended the dolphins. Several lawyers are representing us for free – they believe in our work and in Freedom of Speech, so they are not charging us fees (about a million dollars so far) that they would normally charge.

More importantly, the case has NEVER gone to trial, because Ocean World Casino knows they will lose. Earth Island is well protected by Freedom of Speech laws here. So their lawyers continue to ask for deferrals and delays, and the case is still pending after two years, going on three years. It is a form of harassment, just as a lawsuit from these two biased villages against us would be harassment.

But we don’t bow to harassment, and we will continue to advocate for keeping dolphins wild and free. Free speech is more important, we believe, than money.

The dolphin traffickers are not friends of the people of the Solomon Islands.

They are ruthless businessmen who know how to get their way, despite laws to the contrary, and who are willing to use villagers as a tool to get their millions of dollars at the expense of both the people of the Solomon Islands and the dolphins. If you stand up and complain, they will print lies about you in the newspaper and threaten lawsuits............Read full article



Dominican Wathdog Note: Nice to see that the Dominican government is doing something to protect the animals you should support Earth Islands too. Contact them today:

David Phillips, Executive Director
Earth Island Institute

Ric O’Barry, Director
Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project
Earth Island Institute


Get more information about their work to protect dolphins around the world, here is some of their websites:    




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