Number of tourists visiting Dominican Republic fell in June
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic says the number of tourists to the Caribbean country fell in June for the first time since 2007.


The bank says the number of visitors dropped to nearly 350,000. It’s a decline of less than 1 percent from the same month a year earlier but tourism officials are still worried about any decline in the country’s key industry.

Hotel and Restaurant Association President Julio Llibre blames higher prices caused in part by the rising cost of fuel. He said Friday the Dominican government should lower taxes on fuel and airline tickets.The Dominican Republic is the top tourist destination in the Caribbean. The country had more than 4 million overnight visitors last year.



Dominican Watchdog Note: There is no doubt that troubles are hitting the DR as thousands of hotel rooms has been canceled by tour operators in 2011. Maybe we finally see the result of all the cholera problems and killings of tourists!


Other problems, Dominican Republic only get the cheap tourists:

Tourists spend little time and money here, study shows - What a tourist spends on average daily in the country is low, and after many years of stagnation, climbed in 2008, only to fall again.

This is in addition to the stay of the tourist, which is also very short, and has remained so for a long time, according to figures form the National Statistics Office (ONE).

It said on average tourists spent less than 103 dollars per day in 2005; 102 dollars in 2006; 105 dollars in 2007 and 110 dollars in 2008, but fell to 107 dollars in 2009 and remained the same in the 2010.

The figures, cited by news source, are confirmed in a report on development in Dominican Republic, by Harvard University technicians. It found that the tourists’ spending is among the lowest and also reflects a tourism model in which visitors don’t venture out of the hotels and, therefore, don’t spend or spend little on food, drinks, entertainment, souvenirs among others.



Air travel industry slams high fuel cost, constant shortages

Aircraft owners, pilots and investors on Thursday complained of constant fuel shortages in Dominican airports, which discourage them from visiting the country, and in their view seriously jeopardizes the aeronautics industry.

Quoted by, Cibao International Airport president Felix Manuel Garcia said they receive the complaints on the high cost of the airplane gasoline avgas, and the jet fuel 100LL, in Dominican airports modules, where aviation organizations and the Tourism Ministry operate.

He said they’ve made efforts to attract visitors to the country and motivate travel from diverse destinations, but hears everywhere that this country has the costliest fuels, for which the index applied to petroleum derivatives must be dealt with.

Garcia said they hear the concern of people like the industrialist and pilot Johansson Brinks, who went to the Dominican kiosk in Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s Air Venture 2011, to only say that he didn’t come to the country because the fuel for his airplanes were too expensive.

The business leader noted that Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia rang the alarm in February, on the spiraling avtur prices’ negative effects on Dominican tourism.

He said the concern over local airplane fuel prices is because they are the region’s highest, a pose a threat to national development, by halting the growth of private aviation.

In addition to executives of Cibao International Airport the and of the airports management company Aerodom, the Dominican delegation present in Oshkosh included officials of the Airports Department, and of Dominican Civil Aviation Institute.


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