New Tourist Murder - German man murdered in Puerto Plata
(AP) — Police in the Dominican Republic say they have killed one of two men suspected in the slaying of an elderly German tourist during a robbery.


The tourist was walking with his wife along the seawall Thursday evening in Puerto Plata when the couple was accosted by two assailants. Police Chief Nelson Peguero said 76-year-old Ernst Gunter Haun apparently struggled with the men when they tried to take a necklace and was fatally shot.

Peguero said officers identified the assailants from surveillance camera footage and located them several hours later. He said a 22-year-old suspect was killed in a shootout. The other remained at large.


Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia called for a special commission to investigate the attack in Puerto Plata, which is crowded with tourists for the high season.


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First killer found and shot by poice, now last killer turns himself in!!



Google translation of original article in spanish from

The Northern Regional Directorate of the National Police in the city of Puerto Plata reported that through the mediation of journalists was delivered last night the offender Dauris Manuel Felipe Mora (La Daga) who was actively sought as against him was issued order number 00176/2016 arrest who is the main accused of killing a German tourist for an assault on the local boardwalk and a week ago.

It states that before police siege, the young antisocial decided to surrender at the local headquarters of the National Police and there when asked verbally he said the officers of the Central Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DICRIM) certainly committed the criminal act of which accused, as the German Ernst Gunter Haun deceased, allegedly it went up in time so it was a strip of a chain and gold, in a tragic incident happened late on Thursday 11 February trainee on the corner of Separation and down the street avenue boardwalk.

The offender Dauris Manuel Felipe Mora (Dagger) in company named Luis Rafael Parra fought gun battles with police officers in Santiago Rodriguez, he managed to escape, but his accomplice was arrested and taken to Puerto Plata where a court imposed a 12-month prison preventive, while public prosecutors and officials DICRIM continue this morning questioning "Dagger" in relation to his involvement in the murder during a robbery of the German Ernst Gunter Haun who died minutes later after being shot in the left side chest.

The prevented Dauris Manuel Felipe Mora (Dagger), he told the authorities that he was fleeing because of political persecution against him and they were seeking to kill him at the same time claimed that if the prosecution deepens the investigations supposedly will that it was not he who killed abroad, but the Attorney Prosecutor of the province Puerto Plata; Judge Osvaldo Antonio Bonilla Hiraldo said there against the alleged offender is strong evidence linking him to the death of the German tourist, which is imminent subjecting it to the courts in the coming hours.

Dominican Watchdog - Now we can make a TOP 40 over killed tourists in DR!!


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The tourist was staying at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata here extending their condolences:

La cadena hotelera Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort ubicada en el exclusivo complejo turístico de Cofresí, mediante una nota de prensa expresos sus condolencias por la trágica muerte de uno de sus huéspedes que fue asesinado por delincuentes cuando paseaba por las calles de Puerto Plata.


En ese mismo orden, la familia Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort manifiesta su más profundo pesar por la muerte de su huésped Ernest Gunter y expresa sus condolencias a sus familiares en este momento de dolor, a la misma vez que exigen a las autoridades policiales realizar todas las labores que sean necesarias para la rápida captura de los responsables de este crimen


Señala que esa tragedia ha conmocionado grandemente a esa empresa turística ya que el señor Gunter guardaba una relación de años con esa cadena hotelera, por lo que condenaron enérgicamente este horrendo asesinato y reiteraron su petición a las autoridades emprender las acciones tendentes para apresar los malandrines culpables del hecho de sangre para que sean puestos a disposición de la justicia.

“La tragedia que ha acontecido no debe ni puede permitirse en una ciudad como nuestra Puerto Plata, colocada entre uno de los destinos turísticos más atractivos en todo el país, razón por la cual nuestro personal ha estado muy de cerca con la esposa del señor Gunter, quien se encontraba en el lugar en el momento del hecho, así como también de las autoridades de cara a cualquier tipo de colaboración”, expresa la nota informativa emitida por Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Resort.

Durante años,  Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Resort se ha sumado al esfuerzo de instituciones privadas y del estado con el objetivo de colocar la provincia de Puerto Plata en la supremacía turística que merecen sus atractivos naturales y las grandes inversiones en infraestructura, tanto desde el gobierno como del sector privado de diversas nacionalidades.


Finalmente, dicha empresa se encamina a trabajar en iniciativas de cara a preservar la actividad turística de nuestra provincia que representa el sustento de miles de personas y que se ve afectada por los trágicos registros actuales, producto de la inseguridad ciudadana.

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