Murders by motorcycle gunmen are now commonplace in Dom Rep - The gangland murders in public places by gunmen on motorcycles have become the new MO for criminals, and are so common that they have alarmed the population.

In the last 10 months, September 12, 2010, to July 18, 2011, there have been a total of 20 fatal shooting victims, some of which were part of groups in discos, dance halls and even a bus-stop.

Among the attacks was one in the disco Tropical, Santo Domingo East, where one person died and three were injured, while in a billiard parlor gunmen killed three and injured seven.

Meanwhile police investigators have yet to charge anyone in any of the 20 homicides, which prevents determining if they are hired killers or form part of a sort of terrorism against the life of defenseless citizens.

The cases of murders by gunmen on motorcycles against people in the streets thoroughfares, at domino games or colmados have occurred mostly in greater Santo Domingo, Santiago and nearby San Cristóbal.


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Dominican Watchdog Note: Crimes in the Dominican Republic is getting out of control, a lot has to do with the corrupt government and the offcials involved in the drug trade.


U.S., Dominican agencies bust feared Sinaloa Cartel drug route, El Dia reports.

United States and Dominican Republic antinarcotics agencies have determined that Mexico’s feared “Sinaloa Cartel” was establishing a local drugs route to the U.S. and Europe, an operation headed by the group’s Joaquin Guzmán Loera (Chapo Guzmán), newspaper El Dia reports.

The Mexican Luis Fernando Bertulucci Castillo, Guzman’s direct subordinate, in charge of the operation in the country, was arrested last week in a luxury condo Cayenas V, in the upscale sector Paraiso.

El Dia reports that Bertulucci was extradited to the United States Just a few hours after his arrest, and once he arrived in New York, was immediately transferred to Boston.

Before his extradition, Castillo was interrogated in the Drugs Control Agency (DNCD), which confirmed Guzmán’s attempt to use Dominican territory as an enclave for one of the cartel’s routes from South America to Europe, El Dia reports.

The discovery of the Mexican link began with the July 1 arrest, in Villa Mella, of the Lebanese Mawan Chebli Chebli, who turned out to be a figure with frequent movements between Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. He was even processed in Venezuela in June 2007.

After that arrest by DNCD agents the presence of the Sinaloa Cartel ring was detected,   and Betulucci’s subsequent arrest, in addition to the Mexican Jose Luis Martinez Vidro, the Colombian Luis Fernando Restrepo Lopez, and the Dominicans Leonel Gomez Guzmán, Jose Antonio Contreras and Miguel Rosa Ureña, wanted by the United States in extradition.

Money laundering in the USA

In addition to Bertulucci, his Dominican partners in drug trafficking and money laundering operations were also detained.

The DNCD called the group “a ring that laundered money in a grand scale in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, although the information makes emphasis on the level of its actions was rooted in cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Miami.”


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