Most of Dominican capital’s residents say it’s unsafe, poll - 66.5% of Santo Domingo’s residents say it’s an unsafe or very unsafe city, affirms the "Survey of the Government on Security" conducted by the National District City Council’s Citizen Observatory.

42.7% of the capital’s inhabitants said the city is "unsafe/very unsafe," 23,8% say it’s "partly unsafe" and 30.3% consider it "safe/very safe."

The survey found that the perception is a decline compared with previous years. In March 2008 the impression of unsafe was 10.1%, and in April 2009, 12.6%.

The same poll found that from 2005 to 2009 the National District and three more important cities" had a discreet reduction in homicides."

It also noted that citizen insecurity (54.1%) and drug traffic and consumption (40.4%) are the serious problems which most of the capital’s residents focus on.

As to the perception of security or insecurity, 61% of those surveyed said from 2008 to 2009 all types of "crimes" had "increased," whereas 28% said it remained "the same," and 8,5% said they observed a reduction.

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