More Complaints Over Lifestyle Holidays and LH Escrow Company
New Post on Lifestyle Holidays - LH Escrow Company Don't be scammed!!! Contact Federal Trade Commission for this Company...together we can stop this!! Playa Cofresi, Puerto Plata.



We were also ripped-off by Lifestyle Holidays. We puchased a VIP Platinum Membership in April 2008 and were told numerous LIES by our salesman. We have still not recieved our deed from Dr. Jesus Garcia/LH Escrow Agency in Miami,Fla. or our book of Sister Resorts.
1)Every e-mail I sent to customer service asking questions has gone unanswered.The telephone numbers we were given have been busy or won't go though for 4 months now.
2)We were told making reservations was 'just a phone call away'. When we arrived home our first e-mail from customer service stated we had to make reservations through e-mail or fax...not by telephone.Not at all what we were told by our saleman.I tried to make a reservation and nothing was available.
3)We were given a CD to set up a web site to rent our villa(that's how they get new people to sell to) and it was completely BLANK! I asked for a new CD and they didn't know what I was talking about.
4)I cannot get on the web site as a member, and they can't answer why, so I can't search for their Sister resorts either. I can only e-mail customer service and wait sometimes 7 days to get any kind of answer.
5)We were given a RCI membership for 2 years as part of our membership.There are 4 couples on our contract but only 2 names were given to RCI and mine wasn't one of them so I cannot exchange through RCI.They have done NOTHING about this to date after many e-mails.
I have contacted Bank Of America and put this in dispute. I have also contacted the Federal Trade Commission and filed a formal complaint. PLEASE contact them as the more complaints they have the better. They investigate on companies out of the country. Their telephone number is 877-382-4357. I also contacted the Attorney General in Fla. as that is where the escrow agency is located. I can't find out if this escrow company is licensed as no one in Fla. seems to know from the Attorney Generals office to the Dept.of Bussiness & Professional Regulators but I will continue to find out because no one seems to have them listed....strange isn't it?

Manahawkin, New Jersey

Dominican Watchdog recommends that you use this new forum to post scams and fraud related to the Dominican Republic - posting all articles in one place will create more presure against those who try to scam tourists and force them into stop operating as the Government are doing little against scammers in the DR.

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