Menendez's Jury Sees Luxury of Dominican Casa del Campo Resorts -  Jurors at the bribery trial of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez got to see photographs of the luxurious resorts he enjoyed in the Dominican Republic with his co-defendant, a political donor and close friend who hosted him.


 Prosecutors displayed pictures on Monday of Casa de Campo, which boasts the Caribbean’s best golf course, called Teeth of the Dog, a marina filled with luxury yachts and restaurants offering everything from Italian cuisine to sushi, according to testimony.
The U.S. charges that the trips were among bribes that Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, took in exchange for official actions to help his friend, Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor, try to resolve issues with the government. Both men deny wrongdoing.

In opening remarks in federal court in Newark, defense attorneys portrayed the men as close personal friends who shared gifts freely and spent holidays with their families at Melgen’s home in Casa de Campo.

But prosecutors, in questioning a resort executive, used photographs to display the opulence of the place. In the section of Casa de Campo where Melgen lived, houses sold for $1.1 million to $2.5 million, the executive testified. 

Complimentary Accommodations

Another hotel executive told jurors that Menendez stayed at the Tortuga Bay Resort in Punta Cana, which the American Automobile Association rates as the only five-diamond hotel in the Dominican Republic. Menendez’s stay was complimentary, the executive said. But it wasn’t clear from the testimony if Melgen covered the entire amount, or if someone else helped pay for it.

In his opening statement, Melgen attorney Kirk Ogrosky described the doctor’s home more modestly.

“Even though the doctor had a cleaning lady and a woman who did the cooking at the house, the Senator would make his own bed, iron his own clothes, give money to the people that cooked to buy food,” he said.

Prosecutors claim that Menendez took hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Melgen, as well as private jet flights and resort vacations in Paris and the Dominican Republic. In exchange, prosecutors said, Menendez tried to help three girlfriends of Melgen get visas, enforce a shipping container contract in the Dominican Republic, and fight a U.S. agency that said he overbilled Medicare by $8.9 million.

The case is U.S. v. Menendez, 15-cr-00155, U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey (Newark).

Casa de Campo is full of corruption and criminals:

To understand the difference and deep anti-social behavior of the rich families in the Dominican Republic you just have to visit Casa de Campo, a private mega luxury resort frequented by the rich, the corrupt and the drug lords. They have amazing parties in the marina or Altos de Chavon year round. All the TOP 25 families have villas in Casa de Campo. Arturo del Tiempo andFigueroa Agosto are probably the biggest and most famous drug lords who have spend time or had property in Casa de Campo. Casa de Campo is also used as a safe heaven and exile for Honduras ex President


US$3.7M in CASH seized in DR’s most famous resort, Casa de Campo 
The Fanjul Brother's Casa de Campo is again involved in drug and money laundering, this time by former Dominican Navy officer and head of the local DNI special police investigation department Mr. Fausto Severino Marte - Surprisingly enough President Medina fires both the Police and Antinarcotics Chiefs after that......, maybe they came to close to the truth?
Know the truth about the Sugar Brothers - US$ 95 Million Lawsuit Against Casa de Campo, Fanjul and Central Romana 

2 coronels and 18 military officers on behalf of the attorney general of the Dominican Republic assisted the original land owners in a visit to Casa de Campo a few weeks back.These are the facts about why Four Season Hotel was never build in Casa de Campo as proclaimed by Central Romana to be finished by end of 2009.  Central Romana (the company behind CdC) is not the owner of the land they offered to Four Seasons, when Four Seasons found out they left the DR very upset and will probably never return. It also turns out that Central Romana is also not the owner of parts of the land where they did the marina extension a few years back.....

Huge drug ring shipping tons of cocaine from Casa de Campo - Bought from Cali Cartel 
National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) yesterday busted an international drug trafficking ring based in the country’s icon resort Casa de Campo. It arrested 29 people and seized two villas, two apartments, a yacht, a freighter used to transport fuel and molasses to Caribbean islands, and an airplane. DEA “Operation earthquake” had the ring under surveillance for a year......

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