Mayor of Dominican Republic’s 2nd City to Face Corruption Charges(Update 2)
SANTO DOMINGO – A Dominican civic organization announced it will file a criminal complaint for corruption against the mayor of the country’s second-largest city, Santiago.

Jose Enrique Sued, a political ally of the ruling PLD party, has been mayor of Santiago for 12 of the past 16 years.

The Dominican Alliance against Corruption, or Adocco, said it will ask government prosecutors to charge Sued with misuse of public money.

Adocco’s Julio Cesar de la Rosa Tiburcio said they have proof of Sued’s acts of corruption in the northern city, where, he said, “there is a blatant practice of nepotism.”

“Financial disorder” also exists, along with the concession of lucrative public works contracts to people close to the mayor.

Sued was defeated last Sunday in his bid for a third consecutive term, losing to Gilberto Serulle of the main opposition PRD party.

De la Rosa Tiburcio recommended establishing an oversight committee to check on the funds that Sued’s office receives during the transition period, and said it should include Santiago Bishop Ramon de la Rosa y Carpio and the jurist Ramon Veras.

That should be done, he said, “because of the fear and legitimate suspicion that the municipal treasury will be laid waste.”

In the same vein, Mayor-elect Serulle asked the Dominican controller-general’s office to audit the Santiago municipal government, saying that “for years there have been reports” about irregularities


source: Latin American Herald Tribune


News update June 9th 2010

Santiago’s Mayor again at the center of scandal  - Several community organizations on Monday staged a protest near City Hall to reject a proposal by the entity’s ruling PLD party spokesman Luis Jose Estévez, to assign a pension for Benny Sued, sister of outgoing mayor Jose Enrique Sued.

The protest comes just two weeks after audits found “serious” irregularities in the handling of taxpayers money in the Santiago City Council, and after Sued lost the post in an upset by former ruling PLD party leader Gilberto Serrulle.

The community leaders Leonor Mieses and Andres Ramos also warned that at least 11 outgoing councilpersons are also seeking a pension, after their terms conclude on August 16.

Benny Sued, the current director of the City Councils Plazas and Parks, has been accused of heading a network of the Mayor’s relatives who’ve pocketed millions with different contracts.

“We are here (statue of Juan Pablo Duarte) to protest against the intent of the Santiago councilpersons to assign a pension for life, and the people of Santiago cannot allow,” said Ramos, president of the Santiago Popular and Neighborhood Organizations (Juvoposan). “We want to let the councilpersons know that we aren’t going to allow a ransacking of the Treasury of Santiago.

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