Luxury high-rise condos; more Dominican Government scandals as 179 Million also is missing in BN -  A draft for a resolution was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, which calls on President Danilo Medina to cancel the contracts for the sale of the apartments built with taxpayers’ money in the upscale sector Los Cacicazgos, "because the assignation violates the Constitution."

The initiative from opposition PRD party deputies Esther Minyetti and Alexis Jimenez also asks Medina to order the sale of the apartments called Residencial El Progreso, on Anacaona with Luperon avenues on the open market, and use the funds to ease the housing shortage in depressed neighborhoods.

According to the lawmakers, the allocation of the apartments violates several articles of the Constitution.

"The beneficiaries of such actions violate the law, because of their economic status, don’t need handouts from the Executive Branch’s welfare programs,” the draft said.

The deputies noted that once the names of the owners of the luxury apartments were verified, among them figure people with “comfortable economic positions.”

The group of high rise luxury condos is among the most questioned project built with taxpayers’ money, during the Administration headed by ex president Leonel Fernandez.


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New Leonel scandal, Luxury government apartments(UPDATE)

How much did the 180 luxury apartments off Mirador del Sur Park cost taxpayers? The press has not received an answer yet, but each 157m2 apartment has 3 parking spaces. In what civilized country does a government official have 3 cars? Leonel's government is completely out of control.......


Also this week from Dominican Today:

RD$179M scandal: Ex official says he resigned, but was likely fired

 More than a simple resignation submitted yesterday by National Assets (BN) director Elias Wessin Chavez, it was president Danilo Medina who allegedly and discretely asked him to resign, in the wake of a RD$179 million scandal stemming from an Accounts Chamber audit.

Wessin said he had placed his post “at the President’s disposal” after the audit revealed payroll irregularities of more than R $179 million paid to people without any function and other expenses.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Wessin called the Chamber audit “selective,” alleging that results from other agencies have yet to be released.

According to the audit, the BN paid more than RD$160 million to people who don’t do any work and RD$19 million in other unsupported expenses.

Media buzz

Wessin’s plight is the buzz on Friday morning media, with most opinion makers agreeing that medina fired him in an effort to squash the scandal


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