Frank Rainieri's Luxury Plane Stolen, Was Gadhafi's son on board?

UPDATE, Stolen plane was a secret operation with Gadhafi's son?, watch this video!




The Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) and state security bodies are investigating the theft of a private plane from La Isabela International Airport in northern Santo Domingo. The plane, a Beechcraft King Air 200 US registration N871, took off on Sunday, at 3:12am and was spotted on the Las Americas airport radar, reportedly heading in direction to South America.


The Specialized Airport Security Corps (CESA) said that it was the property of a priest who lives in Arizona. The pastor was keeping the airplane at one of the Grupo Puntacana hangars at the airport. The authorities did not inform the media if the owner of the airplane was in the Dominican Republic.

News reports say the thieves had time to prepare an alternative disused runway and steal 150 gallons of fuel in eight containers from another hangar. They also managed to tow the plane for 75 meters and doctored the airport closed circuit video camera system, unnoticed by military security.

19 employees of CESA that were working at the airport on Sunday morning are under investigation and now U.S. transportation security (TSA) personnel are heading to the Dominican to help with the investigation.  The country is fearful that the U.S. might sanction flights from the DR and flights coming from this key airport that is some 800 miles from the U.S.



President Fernandez orders top officials to probe plane theft - President Leonel Fernandez ordered an investigation into an airplane stolen early Sunday from La Isabela International Airport, located in the sector of Higuero.

Upon making the announcement Tuesday, Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia said the ministers of the Armed Forces, Joaquin Perez Feliz and of Justice, Radhamés Jiménez will head the probe.

The official affirmed that the authorities will take a series of actions to locate the airplane as well as the thieves, and discarded that the incident will have any effect on the number of tourists which visit the country.

Garcia, speaking to reporters during the inaugural of the road grid Tourist Boulevard of the Atlantic, added that the authorities must provide a quick response to prevent snowballing speculation.



If AILA controllers knew this was an unplanned flight, then why weren't the Super Tucanos scrambled to intercept? Are they not based in San Isidro? They could have easily reached that airplane and track it to it's destination while coordinating with other authorities for their apprehension. I think one of those controllers at the AILA tower were involved in the caper too. To lose an aircraft that size just 25 miles out means one of 2 things, it either crashed or flew under the radar!!!!!!

A very experienced captain would be needed to fly this plane.... Who is missing in the DR?

If the plane flew south, the (DEA/US Southern Command) radar & electronic survellience equipment in Aruba, Curacao and Panama most probably pick them up. This eqiupment has the capability to track even low flying aircraft. The people (most probably drug runners) who stole the plane know this. This morning it is likely to be sitting under a camo tarp somewhere on a clandestine strip in Central America, undergoing a new paint job for it's new owner. I hope Frank Rainieri of the Punta Cana group has his insc. premium paid up to date. btw a very nice plane, Beech King Air B200 / Value USD 2,5 Million


UPDATE: Again a son of a famous general was involved!

The airplane stolen from La Isabela International Airport (AILI) in Higüero was flow out of the country by two foreign pilots linked to drug trafficking, allegedly helped by Army lieutenant John E. Percival Matos, according to the investigation thus far.

The case is latest involving members of the military in drug scandal, which include former Army captain Quirino Paulino, the Navy officers in the Paya, Bani murders of seven Colombians, Army colonel José Amado Gonzalez in the Puerto Rican kingpin Jose Figueroa Agosto, among others.

The twin turboprop property of the resort group Puntacana flew toward Venezuela, according to Las Americas International Airport’s air traffic control radar.

Percival Matos, son of retired general Rafael Percival Peña, was arrested Tuesday, said Airport Security Corp and Civil Aviation (CESAC) spokesman Fidel Sanchez.

Investigators said the junior officer helped the plane’s thieves by hiding to wait for the airport to close in hangar 26, of the company Aerointer, where his wife Ginsellys Halversoni Vásquez had worked for three weeks. He then refueled the Cessna King Air 200 with fuel stolen from another craft in hangar 16 of the company Santo Domingo Motors.

Percival Matos was reportedly paid as much as US$250,000 to help steal the plane valued at 2.5 million dollars.

Security agencies determined that an airport sentry heard an aircraft at 3:00am Sunday and went to check the hangars along with an official of the airports management company Aerodom, and then the watchmen of the hangar of the carrier SAP radioed that they had heard the sound of a plane in the back part of the facility

The plane took off with its lights and those of the runway turned off, but the control Las Americas tower detected it after it had set course for South America.

At 8:30am that same Sunday a Puntacana employee reported the theft of the plane registry N871C.

Percival Matos was arrested yesterday and sent to Police headquarters for interrogation by the commission in charge of the case, headed by the CESAC, the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) and other agencies.

The suspect is reportedly the brother in-law of retired lieutenant colonel Jose Miguel Gonzales Vanderhorst, serving time in Najayo prison on a drugs conviction.


Dominican Watchdog Note: This video clip with Dr Ernesto Fadul makes sence. It explains how is was possible to steal the plane and why the super toscana military drug planes was not sent to intercept it. It also explains why Venezuela will not return the plane without their own investigations and why Leonel is afraid of going there.... Visit this video about Leonel and his drug connections

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